Resend: UH response to Hawaii County Mayor Harry Kim's 'A Way Forward Maunakea'

University of Hawaiʻi
Dan Meisenzahl, (808) 348-4936
Director of Communications, UH Communications
Posted: Sep 30, 2019

*New headline corrects name of Mayor Kim's proposal.

Mayor Kim's path is consistent with the Board of Regents' resolution affirming collaborative stewardship and University of Hawaiʻi commitments. We need ideas for ways forward like these that can help shift thinking to paths in which there will be wins for all the people of Hawaiʻi—Hawaiians and non-Hawaiians alike. UH stands ready to work with any and all interested in forging a peaceful way forward, whether or not they believe TMT belongs on Maunakea.

- UH President David Lassner