This page will ultimately contain all of Hawai‘i's Environmental Law statutes. Sample statutes are listed below.

Photo by UH Botany Professor K. W. Bridges

‘OHELO's Statutes page provides convenient online viewing of select environmental statutes in a format more navigable than the State Legislative site.  For a comprehensive and current list of all Hawai‘i statutes, see

Administrative Procedure Act, HRS Chapter 91 (2001)
Air Pollution, HRS Chapter 342B (2001)
Asbestos, HRS Chapter 342P (2001)
Attorney's Fees and Costs, HRS §§ 607-25 (2001)
Burial and Historical Sites, HRS Chapter 6E (2001)
CFCs, HRS Chapter 342C (2001)
Clean Air, HRS Chapter 342B (2001)
Coastal Zone Management, HRS Chapter 205A (2001)
Conservation District, HRS Chapter 183C (2001)
County Organization and Administration, HRS Chapter 46:161-165 (2001)
Dams, HRS Chapter 179D (2001)
Environmental Response Law, HRS Chapter 128D (2001)
Exceptional Trees, HRS Chapter 58 (2001)
Farming, HRS Chapters 141-168 (2001)
Fishing, HRS Chapters 187A, 188, 189, 190 (2001)
Government Publications, HRS Chapter 93 (2001)
Hawai‘i's Endangered Species Act, HRS Chapter 195D (2001)
Hazardous Waste, Oil, Toxic Substances, HRS Chapters 342J, 128D, 128E (2001)
HEPA, HRS Chapter 343 (2001)
Hunting, HRS Chapter 183 (2001)
Importing Plants, Animals, and Microorganisms, HRS Chapter 150A (2001)
Natural Area Reserve Systems, HRS Chapter 195 (2001)
Noise, HRS Chapter 342F (2001)
Occupational Health, HRS Chapter 396 (2001)
Pesticides, HRS Chapter 149A (2001)
Public Water Systems, HRS Chapter 340E (2001)
Solid Waste Disposal, HRS Chapters 342G, 342H, 342I, 349 (2001)
State Constitution, Article XI, Section 9 (2001)
State Land Use Law, HRS Chapter 205 (2001)
State Parks, HRS Chapter 184 (2001)
State Water Code, HRS Chapter 174C (2001)
Strip Mining, HRS Chapter 181 (2001)
Sunshine Law, HRS Chapter 92 (2001)
Tree Farms, HRS Chapter 186 (2001)
Underground Injection, HRS Chapter 340E (2001)
Underground Storage Tanks, HRS Chapter 342L (2001)
Uniform Information Practices Act, HRS Chapter 92F (2001)
Waste Water Treatment Facilities, HRS Chapter 342D (2001)
Water Pollution, HRS Chapters 342D and 342E (2001)


In 2002, ‘OHELO initiated a joint project with Hawai‘i's Thousand Friends (HTF) designed to bring Hawai‘i's important environmental and land use statutes to life for non-lawyers. Our Statutes page includes HTF highlights of some key statutes, written by Richardson law students, as well as the full section-by-section text. For more information on HTF, visit