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Welcome to the UH IRB eProtocol™ Page

On April 15, 2016, the Human Studies Program launches the University of Hawaii's FIRST electronic IRB application submission system.

eProtocol Roll-Out Timeline

Effective Date Exempt Non-Exempt
April 15 eProtocol


eProtocol Paper Form (exempt)*


*as a courtesy, the old exempt application form, 

will still be accepted until May 15, 2016

Application for New Approval of a

Study Involving Human Subjects

May 15  




eProtocol Paper Form


July 1 eProtocol ONLY


To Get Started:

1.  Learn more about how the system works by accessing some of the training materials below.

Training Materials

I.  Video Tutorials

II.  Investigator's User Manual 

2.  To help you prepare your application for eProtocol, you may click on the following word document forms to view the specific eProtocol application questions:

I.  New Research Protocol/ Proposal for Initial Approval:

​Exempt Research

Non-Exempt Research

Not Human Subjects Research

II. Modification Request

III. Continuing Review (Non-Exempt only)

IV, Study Closure/ Final Report 

V. Reports:

Adverse Event/ Unanticipated Problems

Protocol Violation

VI.  Status Report (pending)

3.  Access the eProtocol™ website

Please use one of the following supported browsers for accessing eProtocol:

  • FireFox
  • Safari
  • Internet Explorer

Before entering the eProtocol site, please disable your browser's pop-up blocker or allow for exceptions for  You can view tutorials on how to do this on our video tutorials page. 


Click below to enter into site:



Click HERE for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Regarding eProtocol