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Responsible Conduct of Research

General Information

Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) training is required by certain federal sponsors under the following circumstances as summarized in the following table:

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In these circumstances, RCR training is required in addition to any other required training. For example, if the research involves human participants, the RCR training is required in addition to any required Human Subjects Research courses.

Basic Training Offered by the University

To assist principal investigators and affected students, faculty and staff, the Office of Research Compliance offers a basic RCR training course. After completing the online CITI RCR course and an interactive session (approximately 4 hours), a certificate of completion is furnished that is good for 4 years.

1) CITI Online Instruction

  • Ideally, CITI online learning should be completed within 30 days of initiation of any work by affected individuals supported by an NSF research, USDA-NIFA research, or NIH training grant.
  • CITI online learning may take 1-8 hours. CITI keeps track of progress and the learner can complete the course over several sessions.
  • Instructions for signing up for the CITI Responsible Conduct of Research course are contained in the following PDF: Sign up for CITI Training.pdf

2) UH Classroom Instruction

  • Attendance at an interactive session should be done within 12 months of completing the CITI online instruction.
  • Sessions will be offered every semester and are approximately 4 hours in length.
  • Consult the ORC News webpage for the RCR Interactive Session Schedule and sign-up instructions News

3) Certificate

  • A certificate will be issued after completion of both the CITI online instruction and interactive session. The certificate will be good for 4 years from the date of completion, which will generally coincide with the interactive session date.
  • Certificates can be used to confirm completion of the basic RCR training course. Principal investigators may also contact to get confirmation.

If you have questions, please phone (808) 956-7874 or e-mail:

Informal Instruction (NIH)

While taking another interactive session may appear to fulfill the NIH minimum requirements, training faculty and sponsors/mentors are encouraged by NIH to contribute to informal instruction in responsible conduct of research. Such informal instruction can occur in the course of laboratory interactions and in other informal situations throughout the year.