Google Custom Search Keyword Request

A powerful custom search function has been added to the UH System and UH Mānoa websites. It allows you to improve your department’s placement in the System or Mānoa search engine results by attaching keywords to your website links.

This tool does not influence your rankings for searches performed on, only on

What do keywords do?

Google Custom Search keywords increase the findability of offices and departments that may not come up when searched for using common keywords related to the unit.

Tips for good keywords

  • the name or main subject of your unit (ex. sociology, medical, housing)
  • two-word combinations that define what your unit does (ex. faculty news, teacher training)
  • commonly used terms within your unit’s area of responsibility (ex. fashion, theater, theatre)
  • keywords are not case sensitive
  • the more specific you are, the better

Add keywords to your site

Improve your department’s search engine rankings in two easy steps.

Step 1: Determine your current rankings

Use common terms to search for your site with the search engine on your campus webpage or on the System home page.

If your link shows within the top 5 results returned, you do not need this service. As a courtesy to others, please do not submit keywords for your site.

If your link does not show up within the top 5 results returned, and you have a faculty/staff username, proceed to step 2.