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College Students and Tobacco
Prepared by Hawai’i Department of Health
  • In 1999, 46% of U.S. college students reported using a tobacco products within the past year. (1)
  • The tobacco industry is targeting its advertisements to 5.3 million college students through bars, special concerts, college newspapers, and promotional samples. (2,3)
  • Brown & Williamson, the third largest cigarette company, estimates their expenditure on college bar promotions to be $30 million annually. (3)
  • In 1999, 29% of U.S. college students currently smoke* cigarettes. (1)
  • 9% of U.S. college students currently smoke cigars. (1)
  • In Hawai’i, 26.3% of 18 – 24 year are current smokers. (4)
  • Colleges and Universities can reduce smoking by having smoke-free dormitories and strengthening smoking cessation programs. As of 2001, 27% of U.S. colleges banned smoking in dormitories and that the number was growing. (5)
  • Over 40% of colleges report not having any smoking cessation program, and that programs offered are inadequate. (5)


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*Current smoker: Respondents who reported ever smoking 100 cigarettes in their lifetime and who smoke now (both everyday and some days).