About the record


In 1948, Koji Ariyoshi, a social activist, published a labor focused newspaper called the Honolulu Record. Founded o social change, Koji wanted to present another view on local and world issues, especially issues that affected the working class people of Hawaii.

The Center for Labor understands the importance of this type of resource when researching historical events. Believing in multi-media approach, the Center hopes to re-tell the stories in a manner that brings them to life.

With a gracious donation from the Arthur Rutledge Endowment and a grant from the Hawaii Council for the Humanities, the Center is able to provide the public with this digitization project.







As a child, I listened closely to all that was said, for a high coffee price meant better food and firecrackers at New Year, new clothes instead of window-patched one. I began to work early in life and I imagine that mother taught me, as other children were trained, continued..




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