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Change Password
Hints on creating a good password
  • Choose a password that is hard to guess. Do not use words in dictionaries, birthdates, names, or variations of your UH Username.
  • A good way to build a password is to use the first letter of each word in a phrase that you would easily remember, using numbers and symbols if possible. For example, "One is the loneliest number by Harry Nilsson" can be used to build the password 1itl#bHN
  • New passwords do not take effect immediately; it may take up to 2 minutes for your new password to take effect.
  • If you are unable to use your new password, use your previous password as not all systems update quickly.
  • Change your password at least once a year.
Once you have changed your password, you will be sent a confirmation email message to notify you of the change.

Please enter your current password, for authentication.

Password requirements:

As you type in your new password, the red X (fail) will change to a green check mark (pass) once that password requirement is fulfilled

All requirements must have a green check mark before you can change your password.

Must be 8-32 characters long
(Anything over 32 characters is ignored)
Have at least one upper case character
Have at least one lower case character
Have at least one numeric character
Have at least one special character.
note: (, ), ", <, > and : are not allowed
New password correctly entered twice
New password cannot be the same as the old password
If you use a regular word, your new password will be rejected.

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