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Code Category Content See also
  A-bomb   HIROSHIMA
A ADB Asian Development Bank  
A A-ENER Nuclear energy Peace, Arms
  aerospace industries   AIRCRAFT
A AFRICA Japan-African trade  
A AGRIC-FISHERY Includes Forestry, Whaling, Rice Monopoly, Closed Market, GATT  
A AIDS See (M) AIDS in Medicine file  
  Ainu   DISCRIM
  air   SDF
A AIRCRAFT Includes aerospace industries Lockheed, R-Lock, Scandal, Arms
  alternative energy   ENERGY
  Amnesty Int'l   INTL
  Anti-Bomb movements   HIROSHIMA
  anti-semitism   ISRAEL
A ARMS Japan rearmament SDF, ARMS INDUSTRY
  art market   ART
A ASEAN Association of SE Asian Nations and related areas Older files on ASIA
A ASIA Contains old files on Asia  
A ASPAC Asia Pacific in general ASEAN
  Australia   OCEANIA
A AUTO Auto industry, traffic problems, technology  
  auto industry   AUTO
  awards   NOBEL PRIZE
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  banking   ECONOMY
  Belau (Palau) OCEANIA
  beverages   DRINK
  bluebloods   FAMILY
B BIB Bibliography, mostly Japan-related (partially card-indexed)  
  big business   US FINANCE
  Burakumin   DISCRIM
B BURCHETT Wilfred Burchett, controversy and biography  
B BUSH    
B BUSHU Bushu banking scandal  
B BUSINESS Mainly scams and scandals JPN FINANCE
  business   ECONOMY
  Business and economic organizations   ECONOMY
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C CAMBODIA Mostly Vietnam War and aftermath  
Cambodia   VIET
  capitalist groups   MNE
  cash   MONEY
C CARTER Jimmy, esp. Japan connections Sasakawa Ryoichi, philanthropy
C Chemical & Biol. Warfare. JPN and world, pre-and postwar; Ishii Unit 131, War Crimes; CBW and Emperor  
C CENSOR Press freedom, censorship, pornography  
  censoring textbooks   PATRIOTISM
  census   POPULATION
  Chiang Kai Shek   TAIWAN
C CHINA Mostly China domestic econ, politics, and development JAPAN-CHINA, CHINA-US
C CH-US China-U.S. relations, Cold War, U.S. containment policy, trade complications; Northern Islands controversy; NIXON reopens relations  
C CH-USSR CHINA and USSR relations  
C CHRONOLOGIES Kodama-Kishi, Kearns, Nixon; 1903 Anglo-Japan Alliance, etc.  
  CIA   US-S
  clairvoyance   RELIGION
  class structure   SOCIAL
  closed market   AGRIC-FISHERY
  coal   ENERGY
  Cold War   CH-US
  Cold War politics   J-US
  conflagrations   DISASTER
  conspicuous wealth   US FINANCE
  consumption   DRINK
  cost of living   PRICES
C COVER-UP Japanese hypocrisy, concealing scandal; as a political, economic and cultural trait CENSORSHIP
  covert action   US-S
  credit cards   MONEY
C CULTURE Traditional, popular, misc.  
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  diplomacy   J-US
D DISASTER Earthquakes and conflagrations past or predicated  
D DISCRIM Discrimination, racism, prejudice KOREANS etc., FOREIGNERS, CIVIL RIGHTS. Also see R file for rightists, reaction, Burakumin, AINU; gender discrim., women
D DSP Democratic Socialist Party  
D DRINK Beverages, drinking customs, problems, consumption  
  drinking customs   DRINK
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  earthquakes   DISASTER
  East Europe   USSR
E Ecol Environment, ecology, pollution MINAMATA DISEASE
E ECONOMY Economics, business; finance, industry, banking  
E ECONOMIC ORG Business and Econ. Organizations, Jpn business leaders  
  economics   ECONOMY
E EC ORG Same  
E ED Education in JPN; Int'l comparisons; structure, content, flaws; reactionary aspects  
  Eisenberg   ISRAEL
E ELECTRONICS Sporadic Developments SCI and TECH
  embargo   VIET
E ENERGY Coal, oil, geothermal, alternative energy; solar, nuclear A-ENER
  enterprise groups   MONOP
  environment   Ecol
  espionage   US-S
E ESPIONAGE (ANTI) Mostly campaign for anti-espionage law, rightest support for stiffer penalties INDUSTRIAL ESP.
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  Fair Trade Laws   MONOP
F FAMILY Power of bluebloods, Keibatsu, genealogies of leading families, 4 vols Ms., many GENEALOGICAL CHARTS in English NEPOTISM, PERSONS
  families   SOCIAL
  family planning   POPULATION
  FBI   US-S
  finance   ECONOMY
  flag raising (compulsory)   PATRIOTISM
  forecast   PREDICTION
F FOR INV Foreign Investment in Japan, tie-ups, joint ventures, industry and fin  
F FOREIGN Foreigners in Japan; numbers, problems, characteristics, attitudes toward; labor  
  forestry   AGRIC-FISHERY
  fortune telling   PREDICTION, RELIGION
F FOUNDATION Some JPN foundations, philanthropy INT'L EXCHANGE, esp. JPN Center for Int'l Exch. JCIE, INT'L HOUSE of JPN, JPN FOUNDATION
  futurologist   PREDICTION
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G GAMBLING   R, horse racing, motorcycle, motorboat, bicycle racing, pachinko etc. (see R), Sasakawa Ryoichi
  gas   OIL
  generation gap   YOUTH
  Gensuikin   HIROSHIMA
G GENSUIKYO World Council Against A- and H- Bombs (1965 meeting and passim)  
  Gensuikyo   HIROSHIMA
  geothermal   ENERGY
  genealogies   FAMILY
G GOV'T Mostly misgovernment, corruption, bureaucratic bungling POLITICS, LDP, JSP, etc.
  ground   SDF
  Grumman   R (LOCK)
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  hierarchy   POWER
H HIROSHIMA A-bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki; background, aftermath; controversies, Anti-Bomb movements, GENSUIKYO, GENSUIKIN, etc.  
H HISTORIC HEADLINES Original key events 1940's to present (more in separate box)  
H HIST History, misc. articles and reports from prehistoric to modern times. Mainly before 1945 (much on wartime JPN, 1932-1946) HIST. of JAPANESE BUSINESS, ZAIBATSU
  horse racing   GAMBLING
  housing   SOCIAL
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I IDU-PDU Int'l Democratic Union, Pacific Democratic Union; Reaganite and LDP support for; Conn. With US and JESE conservatives  
I IMPERIALISM Examples of surviving imperialism, History of Imp. in Asia and world  
  imperialism   LAT-AM
I IMP FAM JPN Imperial Family and institution, history, wartime role, postwar preservation of Imp. System EMPEROR
I INDOCHINA Including Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia VIETNAM WAR
I INDONESIA Mainly Indonesia and JPN; Sukarno and JPN, reparations graft by Kishi clique; Timor conquest KINOSHITA SHOTEN SCANDAL, TOHNICHI TRADING
  Indonesia   VIET
I INDUSTRY Industry in general, and specific industries; industrialization of JPN, Industrial Policy  
  industry   ECONOMY
  industry and finance   FOR INV
  Iran-Contra   US-S
  international family planning   POPULATION
  intellectual exchange   J-US
  intelligence   US-S
I INTL International conditions esp. affecting Japan; Amnesty Int'l; Int'l Relations UNITED NATIONS
I INTL FIN Int'l finance esp. in relation to Japan FMF-IBRD, ADB
  investment   O'SEAS
  Ishii Unit 131   CBW
I ISRAEL Japan and Israel, Mossad, Jews in Japan. Eisenberg; anti-semitism in Japan  
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J JAPAN Japanese society, character, culture, uniqueness, morality, customs, anomalies  
  Japan-ROK treaty   ROK
  Japan trading companies    
  Japanese tourism   O'SEAS
  Japanese waters   SUBMARINE
  Japanese women   WOMEN
J JCP JPN Communist Party  
J J-CH Japan-China relations, mostly postwar trade and diplomacy, political  
J J-CORP Individual Japanese Corporations, political ties of special Co's. e.g. KINOSHITA, TOHNICHI TRADING: Political merchants, KUROMAKU SCANDALS
  Jews in Japan   ISRAEL
J J-FIN Spectrum of JPN financial organizations, practices, policies, abuses  
  JFK assassination   KEN
  joint ventures   FOR INV
J JSP JPN Socialist Party  
J J-US Japan-US relations; Intellectual Exchange diplomacy, trade, Cold War politics  
J J-USSR Japan and USSR, past and present USSR
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K KAIFU Prime Minister, cabinet 1990-91  
K KAL 007 INCIDENT Extensive documentation and analysis by investigative teams  
  keibatsu   FAMILY
  keiretsu   MONOP
K KEN John F. Kennedy, presidency. Family history, JFK assassination and aftermath, mysteries  
  Kimigayo   PATRIOTISM
K KISSINGER Memories  
  Kokusai Shokyo Rengo   MOON
K KOMEI-SOKA Komeito, Soka Gakkai  
K KOREA Mainly N. Korea, Koreans in JPN, discrimination, history (South Korea filed under ROK)  
  Koreans   DISCRIM
  Kuromaku   J-CORP
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L LABOUR JPN labor conditions, labor unions, laws, wage levels; declining strength, influence of US; rise of contrist politics abased on company unionism, privatization WAGE
  labor conditions   LABOUR
  labor unions   LABOUR
  land prices   SOCIAL
  Laos   VIET
L LAT-AM Latin America; JPN connections, imperialism  
L LAW Including legal system, lawyers, crime, punishment POLICE
  lawyers   LAW
L LDP Liberal Democratic Party, general GOVT, POLITICS, SCANDAL
  legal system   LAW
L LITERATURE Mostly reviews and articles on JPN literature  
  loans   O'SEAS
  lobbying   O'SEAS
  Lockheed   R (LOCK)
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M M Medicine and Health, JPN-related and Int'l  
M M Medical malpractice, mental illness  
M M (AIDS) AIDS in Japan and worldwide, 1986-91  
M M (AIDS) NOTES and INTERVIEWS for articles on AIDS  
  Marcos (scandals)   PHILIPPINES
  maritime   SDF
  marriage   WOMEN
  McDonnell   R (LOCK)
M MEDIA All news media PRESS, RADIO, TV
M MGMT Management ECON ORGS, BUSINESS, includes productivity, corporate labor policy, Japan Productivity Org., Asia P.O.
  Micronesia   OCEANIA
  military aid   US-POL
  military scandals   R (LOCK)
  misgovernment   GOV'T
M MITSUI All current MITSUI Group or personal material (old files are separate)  
M MNE Multinational Enterprises. Leading capitalist groups, esp. JPN and US  
M MONEY Money markets, credit cards, carelessness about cash  
  money markets   MONEY
M MONOP Monopolistic trends, enterprise groups, Keiretsu, ZAIBATSU, FAIR TRADE LAWS  
  monopolies   OIL
  monopolistic trends   MONOP
  Mossad   ISRAEL
  motorboat racing   GAMBLING
  motorcycle racing   GAMBLING
  munition exports   U-POL
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  Nagasaki   HIROSHIMA
N NAKASONE Yasuhiro biographical, N. cabinet, SCANDAL. Clips, articles by JR LDP
N NARCO Narcotics in Japan and worldwide, prewar JPN to present. R, YAKUZA
  narcotics   VIET
N NEPOTISM In J. POLITICS, Zaibatsu families, in Business JR articles Cs 1987-1991, MONOPOLY KEIBATSU
  New Zealand   OCEANIA
N NIXON Richard M., Nixon cabinet, N. and Japan, N. comeback  
N NOBEL PRIZE Awards; Japan laureates and aspirants, Sato Eisaku as Nobelist  
  Northern Islands controversy   CH-US
  nuclear   ENERGY
  nuclear energy   A-ENER
  nuclear submarines   SUBMARINE
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O OCEANIA Australia, N.Z. Micronesia, S. Pacific, Belau  
O O'SEAS All JPN overseas activities especially investment, loans, lobbying, PR, philanthropy and especially o'seas aid (ODA), Japanese tourism, misbehavior abroad R, YAKUZA: Educational and Intellectual Exchange
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  pachinko   GAMBLING
P PATRIOTISM Reactionary censoring of text books, compulsory flag raising and Kimigayo  
P PEACE This category covers overt efforts for, also most news regarding nuclear weapons ARMS, ARMS INDUSTRY
P PERSON An open-ended WHO'S WHO of clippings in scrapbooks in alphabetical order. From news sources  
  petroleum   OIL
  philanthropy   FOUNDATION
P PI PHILIPPINES, mainly 1960's (esp. Reparations, Marcos Scandals. Bribery by JPN Trading Cos.  
P PICA Private Investment Company for Asia, origin and history  
P POL Japanese politics, corruption, all parties  
P POLICE Organization, character, peculiarities, abuses, security in JPN; with extensive notes  
  political terrorism   TERROR
P POLL PUBLIC OPINION Surveys (sporadic)  
  Political merchants   J-CORP
  pollution   Ecol
  popular   CULTURE
P POPULATION Family planning, Census, Int'l family planning politics SASAKAWA, DRAPER FUND
  pornography   CENSOR
P POWER Social structure, hierarchy ECON ORGS, FAMILY, NEPOTISM
P PREDICTION Futurologists, forecasts, fortune telling  
P PRESS Mainly newspapers and other periodicals RADIO, TV
  press freedom   CENSOR
P PRICES Price inflation, cost of living; Art prices  
  protectionism   TRADE
  public railway   TRANSP
  punishment   LAW
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R R Reaction, rightists, ultra leftists, nationalism, reverse course; also YAKUZA, fascism, censor, etc. RELIGION, TERRORISM, SCANDALS, R-Ms.
R R (LOOSE) Same  
R R-MS SCRAP BOOKS Containing manuscripts or copies of significant translations and excerpts from articles, interviews on "R" themes  
R R (LOCK) LOCKHEED and other military and other aircraft scandals, e.g. Grumman, McDonnell KODAMA, OSANO, KEARN, MATSUNO ETC., also many "R" items
  racism   DISCRIM
R REAGAN Ronald, presidency; biog. And social efforts of Reaganism; Reagan and JPN  
R REARM Early (1960) clips on rearmament, name of this category later changed to ARMS and ARMS INDUSTRY  
  Recruit Scandal   TAKESHITA
  refugees   VIET
R RELIGION All religions, old and new; religion in Japan, superstition, fortune-telling, clairvoyance  
R REPARATIONS War reparations scandals e.g. Kinoshita, mainly S.E. Asia, 1950-1960's KISHI, PHILIPPINES, INDONESIA
  reparations   PHILIPPINES
  rice monopoly   AGRIC-FISHERY
R ROK Republic of Korea; JPN policies toward; JPN-ROK treaty KAL 007 case
R R-US Reactionary, obscurantist or fascistic trends in the U.S. RELIGION, REAGAN, US-S (CIA, COVERT ACTION, HERITAGE FOUND, ETC.)
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  Sagawa Kyubin Scandal   TAKESHITA
  Sato Eisaku   NOBEL PRIZE
S SAVINGS In Japan J. FIN, Amounts, Econ significance
  scams   BUSINESS
S SCANDAL Mainly political and business, also medical, educational, financial  
S SCIENCE Pure science in Japan  
S SDF Self Defense Force; Ground, Maritime, Air ARMS, ARMS INDUSTRY
S SEX Sexual practices, Attitudes, Problem, mainly in Japan M (AIDS)
S SHIP Shipping, shipbuilding industry  
  shipbuilding industry   SHIP
  shipping   SHIP
  sexual practices   SEX
S SOCIAL Everyday life, conditions, families, class structure, housing, land prices  
  social structure   POWER
S SOK-GAK SOKA GAKKAI as a religion, political force KOMEITO
  solar   ENERGY
  South Pacific   OCEANIA
  Soviet Union   USSR
S SUBMARINE Controversy over presence of N-armed Subs and Warships in Japanese Waters  
S SUICIDE Incidence, causes, case reports  
  Sukarno   INDONESIA
  superstition   RELIGION
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T TAIWAN Mostly old, Chiang Kai Shek period  
T TAKESHITA As a leader in Tanaka faction, then Prime Minister. Role in RECRUIT SCANDAL, Sagawa Kyubin Scandal  
T TANAKA (KAKUEI) Exhaustive coverage form WWII to disgrace LDP, LOCKHEED SCANDAL
  Tanaka faction   TAKESHITA
  technology   AUTO
T TERROR JPN and Int'l. Mainly political terrorism R file
  throwaway culture   trash
  tie-ups   FOR INV
  Tohnichi Trading   J-CORP
T TOKYO Gov't, Econ, Politics, Development  
T TRADE Int'l trade, esp. JPN-US; conflicts, protectionism  
T TRADING HOUSE SOGO SHOSHA in general; specific companies, esp. ZAIBATSU  
  traditional   CULTURE
  traffic problems   AUTO
T TRANSP Transportation, mainly public railway AIRCRAFT, AUTO (listed separately)
T TRASH The throwaway culture, excessive waste  
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U UN United Nations and Japan  
  Unification Church   MOON
U UNO (SOSUKE) Prime Minister  
U U-POL US Policy, foreign policy, especially munition exports, military aid  
U US United States, general. Social conditions, trends, education, bizarre or anomalous reports, statistics  
  US and JESE conservatives   IDU-PDU
U US FINANCE (AND US-FIN) Big business, biggest corps, biggest taxpayers conspicuous wealth  
U US-FORCE US armed forces world-wide and in Japan ARMS, AIR, IMPERIALISM
  US military personnel  in Japan   GI
U US-S US special activities e.g. intelligence, espionage, action, security, CIA, FBI in JPN. SCANDALS involving COVERT ACTION e.g. Iran-Contra  
U USSR Soviet Union and East Europe, econ. And social conditions, unrest, pol. And social arises J-USSR, CIS
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V VIET Indonesia in general. Vietnam War, postwar politics; refugees; Laos, Cambodia; NARCOTICS: Trade and Aid embargo  
  Vietnam War (aftermath)   CAMBODIA, VIET
W WAGES Wage standards compared with the West etc.  Extensive coverage but outdated LABOR
  war crimes   CBW
  warships   SUBMARINE
W WESTERN Westernization of JPN, prewar and postwar; foreign influence on JPN culture, econ, life style  
  whaling   AGRIC-FISHERY
W WOMEN All about Japanese women, status,marriage, employment, health, character, discrimination  
  work ethic   YOUTH
W WORLD BANK Also IMF and related institutions ASIAN DEVELOPMENT BANK (ADB)
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Y YOUTH The generation gap, youth culture, changing values, decline of work ethic  
  zaibatsu   MONOP
  zaibatsu families   NEPOTISM
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