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Access Policy (閲覧規程)

To access materials in the special collections at site, please read the Access Policy and make an appointment in advance.

English version | Japanese version (日本語)

Collections (日本特殊文庫内容)

Please click on one of the collections for more details.

 Sakamaki/Hawley Collection (坂巻・宝玲文庫)
(A link to the Okinawa Collection: leaves Japan Collection Website.)
 Kajiyama Collection (梶山文庫)
Japanese Language School Textbooks Collection (ハワイ日本語学校教科書文庫)
 Oliver Statler Collection (オリバー・スタットラー文庫)
 Takazawa Collection (高沢文庫)
(A link to official Website: leaves Japan Collection Website.)
 John Roberts Collection (ジョン・ロバーツ切り抜きコレクション)
 Hokkaido Collection (北海道関係文献)
 Nan'yo Collection (南洋関係文献)
 Satsuma Collection (薩摩関係文献)
 Performing Arts Collection (演劇・舞踊関係文献)
 Takie Okumura's Magic Lantern Slides Collection (奥村多喜衛幻燈板コレクション)

Digital Exhibit (ディジタル展示)

 "Images of Okinawa after Word War II " 195 color slides from the Kupfer Slide Collection and 57 black&white images from the USCAR photos.
 "Magic Lantern Slides from Japan" Takie Okumura Magic Lantern Slides Exhibit
 "Treasures of Okinawa: Frank Hawley Collection"(English version | Japanese version)
 Walter Pennino Photo Collection: During the Occupation of Japan


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