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Collection Overview (RɊT)

The Kajiyama Collection consists of the personal library of the late novelist Toshiyuki Kajiyama, containing over 7,000 titles in the following major categories:

Works on Korea, Japanese emigration documents covering North and South America, Hawai'i and Southeast Asia, materials documenting Japanese colonization activities in Manchuria, Taiwan and Southeast Asia/Pacific, historical, political and economic books on Japan from the Edo to post-World War II period, and Mr. Kajiyama's own works with his source materials.

In 1976, the personal collection of the late Toshiyuki Kajiyama, a contemporary novelist, was donated to the University of Hawaii at Manoa Library. Born in Seoul and educated through high school in Korea, Mr. Kajiyama was naturally attracted both to the culture and people of Korea and to the question of Japanese overseas migration. He collected more than 1,000 titles of indispensable materials, some of which were classified documents of the Government-General of Korea. Mr. Kajiyama was preparing for his lifework epic on a history of Japanese migration, entitled, Sekiranun ϗ_, but this project was forestalled by his untimely death at the age of forty-five.

In 1998, Mrs. Minae Kajiyama published a compilation of essays from his former associates and friends and titles in his personal library in the book, Sekiranun ϗ_ (EAST PL855 .A35 Z74 1998) after her husband's intended book.

More information about Toshiyuki Kajiyama and his works is available on Denshi-ban Kajiyama Toshiyuki Shiryokan dqŊRGV (an external website: only Japanese).

To access materials in the Kajiyama Collection at site, please read the Access Policy and make an appointment in advance. (Access Policy Japanese version)

Contents (Rɓe)

Korea Related Resources (N֌W)
Immigration Related Resources (nږ֌W)
Nan'yo Related Resources (m֌W)
China, Manchuria, Taiwan Related Resources (Ep֌W)
Manchuria (B֌W)
Hiroshima & Atomic Bomb Related Resources (LE֌W)

General Resources (ʕ)

Photos were presented by Mr. Kajiyama's widow, Mrs. Minae Kajiyama.

Kajiyama Collection Project

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