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When Toshiyuki Kajiyama obtained materials, he assigned a classification category to each item based on his own subject category scheme. The scope of the Kajiyama Collection General Resources extends beyond the more widely known categories of Korea, Nan'yo, Immigration, Hiroshima/Atomic Bomb, China, Taiwan, and Manchuria. Nearly 4,000 items are under the general section and one finds general and erotic literatures, culture, manners, social life, and so forth. A reader browsing the category list will quickly realize that Kajiyama had many interests he devoted much energy to pursuing materials wherever he could find them.

In cases where Kajiyama did not assign an item to a category, the Library staff assigned a category by making inferences from his other work. These are indicated by parentheses or highlighted in gray.

To access materials in the Kajiyama Collection at site, please read the Access Policy and make an appointment in advance.(Access Policy Japanese version)

The resources are browsable by publication date and categories provided by Mr. Kajiyama. All information is in Japanese except romanized titles.

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