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Masahide Kurita, flute

March 14, 7:30pm - 9:30pm
Manoa Campus, Orvis Auditorium

Flute No Ka Oi

Hawaiian, Japanese, French, & American flute music

Jonathan Korth, piano
Sabrina Saiki-Mita, flute

Masahide Kurita cultivates and performs an extensive repertoire covering many of the seminal works composed for his instrument from the baroque to the present day. His highly polished technique and rich tone, depth and clarity of musical expression, as well as his delicately nuanced attention to detail give his music-making a rare honesty, beauty and flavour unlike other flautists. Masahide is currently working as a casual with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.

Masahide studied at the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music also attended lessons and master classes in the U.S.A., Switzerland, and the United Kingdom with influential and highly respected Flautists such as Sir James Galway, Jacob Berg, and Wolfgang Schultz. After his studies in Tokyo, Masahide began a two year Diploma of Performance at the Royal Academy of Music in London, under the tutelage of William Bennett and Kate Hill.

Masahide Kurita has taken lessons and master classes with Sir James Galway in Japan, the United States, and Switzerland. His meeting and subsequent lessons with Sir James Galway have been fundamental in shaping his artistic tone development, outstanding technical virtuosity and ultimately realizing the immense potential of his sensitive and profound musicality.

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Music Department, Manoa Campus

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