Office of Technology Transfer and Economic Development

The Office of Technology Transfer and Economic Development (OTTED) is a service-oriented research support center organized for the purpose of helping UH faculty, staff, and students identify, manage, protect, and commercialize the University's intellectual property assets so that they can benefit society and spur economic growth for our State and national economies. In addition, OTTED is committed to developing and fostering long-term university-industry relationships.

The four primary objectives of the Office of Technology Transfer and Economic Development are:

  1. To effectively and fully exploit University-owned intellectual properties in response to the needs of industry, the University, its faculty, and the State of Hawai‘i;
  2. To foster relationships with industrial partners that broaden the opportunities for faculty to engage in collaborative or sponsored research;
  3. To encourage increased entrepreneurialism by UH faculty and Hawai‘i businesses
  4. To provide the University with thoughtful and up-to-date counsel concerning its intellectual property policies and their effectiveness in stimulating faculty participation in the technology transfer process.

OTTED markets and licenses technologies developed at the University of Hawai‘i, seeks to encourage broad utilization of the results of University research, and supports the transfer of new technology and ideas from the University to the community-at-large. In addition to patentable inventions, which represent the majority of OTTED's licensing activities, OTTED also handles copyright, trademark licensing and Tangible Research Property (TRP) for biological materials.

Confidentiality Agreements and Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs) are handled by theĀ Office of Export Controls (OEC).