University of Hawaii Swap Meet

The Swap Meet is provided to the University of Hawai'i community as a means to connect departments with surplus materials and equipment. This service is intended to enable transfers only and is not to be used to sell or purchase goods.

UH usernames are now required to post information to the Swap Meet. Messages are sent directly to the poster through this site, so names and contact information are now confidential. You can also add/remove yourself to/from the mailing list by logging in and modifying your preferences in the "My Account" section.

All items expire from the public Swap Meet after 30 days. If you find/transfer an item before the 30 day limit, login and delete the item so that no further inquiries are sent to you. Expired items will display in your account (but not the public Swapmeet) until you delete them.

This swap meet is a means to connect departments with surplus materials and equipment. It is up to the individual departments to arrange for the transfer. Please follow the University of Hawai'i Property and Equipment Transfer and Retirement procedures, including getting departmental authorization to transfer the item - this ensures inventories are current. State departments may also participate as long as the proper equipment transfer procedures are followed. Questions regarding transfer procedures should be directed to your department's administrative or fiscal officer.

Additional information exists in the guidelines for disposal of obsolete computer equipment. If you are dealing with hazardous materials, please review the hazardous chemical redistribution and exchange procedures.

  • Click on "Help" for an overview of the Swap Meet.
  • To post items, click on "Login" and complete all fields using your UH username and password.
  • Departments are responsible for moving/installation/disposal costs. Campus facilities services units may charge moving/installation/disposal fees. Please check with your campus facilities unit for more information.