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Windows: End of Support for Windows XP and Microsoft Office 2003

SUMMARY: Windows: End of Support for Windows XP and Microsoft Office 2003
POSTED ON: 07/01/2014
START TIME: Jul 09 03:22 PM
END TIME: Jul 01 03:23 PM
DESCRIPTION: REMINDER: ITS will end support for Windows XP and Microsoft Office 2003 on Nov. 1, 2013.

ITS Recommendations

Windows XP users are strongly encouraged to migrate to Windows 7 or Windows 8 by the end of 2013, by purchasing a replacement computer or upgrading your operating system. UH administrative users are advised to use Windows 7, as all UH administrative applications are not supported on Windows 8 yet. If you are running specialized XP only software, please contact the vendor for a newer version or look for replacement software.

For hardware less than 2 years old, you could upgrade your operating system from Windows XP to Windows 7 Professional (or Windows 8 Pro). UH departments may purchase Windows 8 Pro licenses (downgrade to Windows 7 Professional, if desired) from the ITS Site License Office. Please verify that your hardware is compatible with Windows 7 (or Windows 8) before upgrading.

Microsoft Office 2003 users should migrate to Microsoft Office 2013. UH departments may purchase Office 2013 licenses from the ITS Site License Office.

For More Information

Microsoft ends support for Windows XP and Office 2003 on April 8, 2014 (see and will no longer provide security updates for this OS and software.

ITS Site License website

Upgrade Advisor

General System Requirements

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact the ITS Help Desk at 956-8883 or email
UPDATE:10/28/2013 12:06 PM: Windows 8.1 was recently released. ITS is not recommending the upgrade or supporting Windows 8.1 at this time. For details, see Windows 8.1 Advisory at