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Reconstructing Memories


Exhibition Period
November 5 – December 13, 2006

Exhibition highlights
Reconstructing Memories appropriately considers issues of history and memory at a location that witnessed the most catastrophic event in the 20th century history of our nation. The exhibition confronts core issues of constructing historical narratives and addresses the obscuring of cultural and personal memory. Twelve artists from Hawaii, Japan and the U. S. mainland will explore issues involved in the human tendency to purge the personal burden of memory of catastrophic events for the perceived benefit of the next generation. For the artists, Reconstructing Memories becomes a strategy for recreating family or collective history.

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Other Information:

Curated by
Aaron Kerner
an Assistant Professor
The Cinema Department of San Francisco State University

Kerner has a background in Art History and Cultural Studies and formerly was a lecturer at the University of California Santa Cruz, History of Art and Visual Culture Department.