Creating Personal Homepages

Welcome to Creating Personal Homepages. One of the privileges of having a UH Username is that you are allowed to create a personal homepage in your account that is viewable to the world.

Pages which include offensive images or sounds, and copyrighted material and pages created for commercial purposes are strictly prohibited. Any violation of the Executive Policy Use and Management of Information Technology Resources or the Student Conduct Code may result in disciplinary action and may also result in revocation of your computing privileges and/or complete or temporary disabling of your personal homepages from the system. Please read the Homepage Policies for more information.

Before You Begin

Before you can create your personal homepage you must have a UH Username:
Getting Started with Your UH Username

Your URL Is...

The URL (Uniform Resource Locator) of your page will be in the form:
For example: Jane Doe with a UH Username of "jdoe" has created a personal webspace. A user will be able to be access Jane Doe's website in a web browser with the url

All files that Jane would like to make available for her webspace should be in a directory called "public_html" in her UH home account. The default file that gets loaded when somebody browses your Web page is "index.html".

The "public_html" directory and its contents that you'd like to be available on the Web needs to be set such that the web server can read them.  New files can be uploading using a sftp client connecting at port 22 (see sftp section below).

Manual Updates


General Settings for Personal Homepages
Username: <Your UH Username>
Password: <Your Password>
Directory: public_html



ITS supports SSH for the PC.

ITS supports the secure file transfer (sftp) protocol for uploading files onto your personal webspace. Some applications that support sftp are FileZilla for Windows and Mac OS X. File transfer protocal (ftp) clients such as (WS_FTP LE and Fetch 3.x - 4.x) no longer work with our services, as these programs do not support encryption.


Platform: Protocol: Application: (click to download) Installation Instructions
Macintosh OS X 10.9 and higher SFTP FileZilla


Whichever sftp client you choose to use when uploading your Web content, remember to include the port number, which is 22, when connecting. This number comes after the host name when opening a sftp connection to the Web server. For instance, when connecting to uhunix, the host name should look like Use this host name along with your uhunix username and password when creating a sftp connection to publish webpages.


For more information, please visit the SSH/SSL FAQ.


  • If you have trouble uploading your files, send mail to
  • If your error message says the file is not readable, the directory is not readable, or permission denied, then use the Personal Homepage Management Utility to make your file(s) viewable.
  • If you get an error messsage saying that the file is not found, be sure you have an 'index.html' file in your public_html subdirectory. You can use the Personal Homepage Management Utility to create a default (index.html) page in the correct place or make sure your SFTP general settings are correct.
  • If your error message states that the host is not found, be sure you type your URL correctly.
  • Make sure that you include the port number for you sftp connection. For example, when connecting to uhunix use

Scripting and ASP Info

CGI scripting (other than features listed below), Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP), and Microsoft Extensions are not supported on MyHomepages. CGI scripting is only offered for departmental pages.

Add-On Features

Form Methods
For a simple method of retrieving a users comments (email or a text file) with a form see:
HFPM Method

Server-side Includes
To include the contents from another file in your page:
Server-side Includes

Page Counter
For instructions on adding a page counter:
Adding a Page Counter

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