Wednesday Night Southeast Asia Movie: Thailand

October 21, 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Mānoa Campus, St. John 011 Add to Calendar

3 Marks of Existence

Thailand (2012, 114 min) Thai w/English subtitles

Director: Kunpatiara Puwadolwisit

Cinematography: Weeranuch Laometakorn

Cast: Yodsawat Sithiwong (as M), Kobayashi Ayako (as Yuiko), Patchrakul Jungsakul (as Jen), Wunchai Thanawungnoi (as Uncle Kamol), Saifah Tanthana (as Monk Mahaboonmee)

M (Yodsawat Sithiwong) is a recent college graduate, whose life has been spiraling out of control due to some job and affairs-of-the-heart related problems. Then one day he decides to borrow a huge sum of money from his mom, take his backpack and set off on a journey to major Buddhist sites in India (Lumbini (the birth place), Sarnath (where Buddha delivered his first teaching), Bodh Gaya (the place of Buddha Enlightenment) and Kusinara (the place of Buddha's nirvana)).

Given the complex and deeply philosophical nature of the Buddhist religious notion hidden behind the title of the film, Three Marks of Existence willfully dwells on the topic of impermanence, suffering, and the non-self. M doesn't understand it yet, but his search for that previously undiscovered inner self will be a like a wild rollercoaster ride that merges both an Anderson-esque style of indie comedy and a deeper, more figurative meaning to its comfortable lightheartedness on the path to enlightenment, so to say.

Patryk Czekaj,

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