Cultivating Optimism and Resilience for Success: Enhance Your Career Developme

October 15, 8:30am - 12:00pm
Mānoa Campus, Online Add to Calendar

This interactive class is designed to give you tools that will help manage the professional and personal challenges you encounter on a daily basis. You will learn how to use evidence-based strategies grounded in Positive Psychology that, with practice, will help you cultivate better relationships with others, improve work satisfaction and performance, and foster greater resilience in the face of adversity.

Positive Psychology is a scientifically based branch of psychology, pioneered by Martin EP Seligman from the University of Pennsylvania. It is the science that explores how happiness and wellbeing can be improved and sustained by building on our strengths, rather than fixing our weaknesses. In other words, it differs from traditional psychology by focusing on what is right with you as a way to build on your unique strengths and abilities. Taking this course will help you foster positive outcomes, while elevating your own level of happiness, career/life satisfaction, and wellbeing.

After a brief overview of Positive Psychology, you will learn how to measure where you are on the optimism-pessimism spectrum. Then you will learn to use practical strategies to help you become more optimistic and resilient. You will have the opportunity to directly apply these skills to approach the professional challenge(s) you are facing, in a new way. The class is designed to be interactive, engaging and fun in order to enhance retention and application beyond the classroom setting.

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