"#MySDGDream: Sustainable Development Goals and Me" with Zephanii Smith

February 12, 2:30pm - 4:00pm
Mānoa Campus, Online Add to Calendar

“Cross-Cultural Conversations”  ***********  Join us for active conversations with students from Eikei University in Hiroshima, Japan. The sessions will be 90 minutes that will be an interactive presentation by a scholar in the field on the topic listed, and then followed by structured conversations in English with students in Japan. Developing cross-cultural understanding assists in becoming more culturally aware. This can be a continual process and it can help to have curiosity, an open mind, a willingness to ask questions, a desire to learn about the differences that exist between cultures, and an openness to becoming conscious of one’s own culturally shaped values, beliefs, perceptions, and biases. ***********  "#MySDGDream: Sustainable Development Goals and Me" with Zephanii Smith Eisenstat *********** Monday, February 12,  2:30 pm - 4 pm HST *********** via Zoom. Register at http://tinyurl.com/talk2024 ***********  Session: The United Nations and the Sustainable Development Goals are relevant to Hiroshima in many ways, and the city has been making significant contributions to the realization of these goals. From promoting climate action and health and well-being, to working towards peace and justice, Hiroshima serves as a model for other cities and communities around the world. Join us for an engaging discussion as we share our dreams and efforts to build a more sustainable, peaceful, and equitable future for all. *********** Speaker: Zephanii Smith Eisenstat is a lifelong social justice advocate working to advance civil rights, human rights, peace, and sustainable development in communities and organizations worldwide. Zephanii’s public service career includes working in the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government in various support and consultancy roles. Her work includes collaborations with academic, governmental and non-governmental organizations; including elected and appointed positions. She is a frequent contributor on topics related to advocacy, education, intrapreneurship, engagement, and her participation in various social, political and economic fora. A former national council member of the U.S. United Nations Association, she is is the creator of #MySDGDream, an initiative of the U.S. United Nations Association and co-founder of its Outer Space Advocacy and Innovation Series.

Event Sponsor
Conflict and Peace Specialist, Mānoa Campus

More Information
Jose Barzola, 808-956-2690, caring@hawaii.edu, http://tinyurl.com/talk2024

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