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CeCredential Overview

The University of Hawaiʻi is proud to offer digital diplomas and certificates! These are certified electronic credentials known as a CeDiploma or CeCertificate (CeDiploma/CeCertificate)! It is an official, portable, and verifiable electronic version of your accomplishment that can be shared for a lifetime! Watch an Overview video to learn more!

CeDiploma On Tablet

Share it for a lifetime!

All University of Hawaiʻi campuses now provide Certified Electronic Credentials (CeCredentials) to graduates.

More than an eDiploma

Each CeDiploma holds a 12-digit CeDiD that can be used to validate the document's authenticity. Your CeDiD is the key to your credential information for employers, agencies, and more.

How to Access Your Digital Diploma or Certificate

You will receive an email with a link to download your credential when it is available from our trusted partner, CeCredentialTrust.

The Benefits of Going Digital

It's a secure, verifiable and official PDF you can share!
  • Employers love the CeDiploma! It is simple to read, easy to understand, and is directly validated by your institution in seconds.
  • Enjoy unlimited sharing with family, friends, and employers. You can even share it on social media!
  • Show instant proof of your education using Validation Services.
  • Save the PDF on as many devices as you want.
  • Enhance your resume by adding the CeDiD* and validation URL directly to it!
*CeDiD = a unique 12-digit Certified Electronic Document Identifier
Note: A credential may not be available for all conferral dates. For security reasons, the electronic credential cannot be printed.
For additional information about digital credentials, their features, trademarks and patents, please visit

The video information is available as a Text Transcript with Description of Visuals below.

Credential Validation – demo


More About CeCredentials


‐ Learn more about the security features of a CeDiploma or CeCertificate


‐ Validate the authenticity of a CeDiploma or CeCertificate


‐ View commonly asked questions about the CeDiploma or CeCertificate

Text Transcript with Description of Visuals

Audio Video
In today's global economy protecting the integrity of our credentials is more important than ever. Picture of earth from space on a tablet. Zooms out from man sitting at a desk, to the building he is in, then an overhead view of the city to clouds in the sky.
Each year, countless fraudulent diplomas and transcripts are purchased with the explicit intent to deceive goverments, employers and institutions. Display of several newspaper headlines about credential fraud.
Credential fraud is a multi-billion dollar criminial enterprise. View from space of earth with dollar bills used to show a picture of the globe focused on north and south America.
The acceptance of falsified credentials has led to damaged reputations, costly litigation and untold losses worldwide. Judge banging gavel.
The question is, how do you spot the difference between the college graduate and the imposter? Examples of college graduates and imposters scroll past.
[no sound] Text "Certified Electronic Diploma" transforms into "CeDiploma"
A CeDiploma is more than a paper diploma. College graduate holding a table with an image of a diploma.
It's an official, verifiable and secure PDF version of a graduate's academic achievement. Text "CeDiploma" has the words "Official" and "Verifiable" added after it stacked on top of each other and then "Secure" is inserted between "Official" and "Verifiable".
Unlike other electronic credentials, the CeDiploma is the only one using patent pending, real-time validation services, through the issuing institution. The ultimate authority. A sample e-Diploma is crumpled up and dropped off screen and replaced with a CeDiploma from North Carolina State University, then one from The American University, then one from The University of Virginia, then one from Texas A&M University, then one from The Johns Hopkins University, then from Elon University, all of which have a verified stamp in the upper left corner and "certified" stamp over the center.
Anyone can visit the institution's website for a time and date stamped CeDiploma validation. Full page of the CeCredentials validation website for West Chester University, zooms into the validation form fields as the form is filled out.
And because the issuing institution has provided this validation, you can be absolutely confident in the credential's authenticity. Zooms out to the full page to show the validation information has been displayed under the validation form. The validation information is enlarged to see the details.
As added protection, each CeDiploma is encrypted and will be visible indicate if it has been tampered with or modified in any way. A PDF reader displays the diploma that was validated. The Signature Panel section is enlarged to show the text: "Certified by CeCredential Trust, CeCredential Trust certificate issued by GlobalSign for Adobe". A green check mark appears over the screen. Green check mark disappears and a red no sign appears. The Signature Panel section text is now: "Certification by CeCredential Trust is invalid"
[no sound] Text "CeDiploma" and blue checkmark with yellow circles in a sun ray pattern behind it. Text "trust, then verify" appears after the blue check mark. Text "Accepted Worldwide!" appears on the next line.