COP Student Testimonials


  • My transition was extremely easy from high school to college. COP provided a safe environment, free printing, and great counseling! I had so much help with counseling. I received helpful advice when I was unsure with my decisions. I wouldn’t have done my FAFSA student loans without my counselor’s guide. I used to have a hard time making friends in high school. Now, every corner, I see someone I know from COP. My non-COP friends notice how I know so many people haha

  • Gave me a realistic view of college. Friends to start the journey. An awesome/caring counselor. Prepared me for work by: helping me make a resume, interview practice. Showed me the campus. They showed me college is easy and fun.

  • COP was the best decision I've ever made. COP has definitely helped me grow and become more independent. The classes over the summer prepares you for what college is going to be like. The COP staff is super nice and willing to help you with anything and you form a strong bond with other students in the program.

  • COP helped streamline my whole transition from high school to college and basically my whole experience. They made sure that the whole operation was as smooth as possible and it felt that they were truly a bridge to a new experience in UH Mānoa. I will never forget the many names and faces from the staff to my fellow COP classmates. Truly something that will never be forgotten.

  • COP was a great boost to my first year of college, almost like a tutorial! Very useful when it came to administrative services. I have loads of new friends. It’s amazing discovering the amount of variety in people. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

  • COP helped me transition from high-school to college because if I came in without COP, I would not have known how to make quality work, as well as having a set agenda. It was hard in the beginning because I did not take it seriously and had the mentality that it wasn’t going to be hard. In the end I snapped out of it and know what needs to be done in order to succeed.

  • COP helped me tremendously in many ways. I made new friends, built a family, and I never would take back this choice. It made me have a social network during my first year in college because I wasn’t by myself. I also knew what to expect and what college was like instead of going in blind. Best choice I ever made :)

  • I am very thankful for COP because they helped me with the transition from high school to college. Honestly, I probably would not be in college if I didn’t go through this program. Also because they helped me stay organized with payments, scholarships, and with scheduling. My counselor was really awesome as well. She helped me with everything and could answer all of my questions.

  • You always have someone to talk to (friends, counselors, Unko Mike). They’ve helped me to figure out my financial problems. Helped me to make a schedule that best fits me and my major. You make friends and memories that last forever. They helped me to create connections around campus such as NHSEMP. They made my transition from high school to college 100 times easier.

  • If it wasn’t for COP, I would be at HCC alone, with no friends to support me. Met new lifelong friends. COP gave me a taste of dorming and college life to help me prepare for my first year. COP helped me experience new things.

  • I liked that the COP Program helps you get ready for college and makes you experience college life on campus. I also like how I got to meet a ton of new people, who I now call my friends.

  • I love how this program basically grabbed me by the hand and helped walk me through what to expect my freshman year! I loved all the activities and I loved dorming.

  • I loved the sense of family within the program as well as getting the feel of how the first year at UH Manoa will be. Also the amount of support from the counselors.

  • I went through a whole lot of growth in a personal, educational, spiritual, mental, and social aspect. I was able to see what I'm capable of in these areas and how to deal w/these situations.

  • I feel like I'm very prepared. I know how to use Laulima, my schedule, how to study better and most importantly manage my time better. I'm so glad I was able to learn & experience all this, because I would have been so lost during the fall semester.

  • I feel very prepared for my Fall classes at UHM. Because of this program I have experienced self-growth. I greatly appreciate all the help, support, and school supplies your program gave us. Whenever I had a question, concern, or needed clarification, my inquiries were always answered in a timely and thorough manner. I am very grateful for the COP support network and to be a part of this life-changing summer program.

  • I really would recommend COP to others. Not only was this an alternate pathway for students to get into Manoa but it was like a head start for us to get a good feeling of college and as well in my opinion, a good start to make some friends. It helped a lot with my transition to college and I was able to be at ease and only focus on my classes while my counselors do a check up on us. It was great and a wonderful experience. It helps boost my confidence in talking to others and sharing my experience. I would definitely want others to apply to COP.

  • I was able to make new friends, gain an experience that made my transition into college easier, and knowing that as I pursue my dreams, I have a strong support system here for me.

  • I am glad I did COP because I feel like the counselors here really set me up for success going forward in college. COP truly helped with the transition from high school to college. The support and help that I have received through COP is amazing.

  • The information and support that I have gained from attending COP will stick with me for the rest of my college years. The peers I have been introduced to in COP are one of a kind and have been through the same process as me. I feel at ease knowing COP is there to help me with any problems I have regarding my personal and school life.