Take the Filipino Placement Exam for free. Save time and money by earning back credits, and take a shorter path toward achieving your academic goals.

The Filipino & Philippine Culture Program offers free placement exams for students with varying degrees of language proficiency.

Students placed into FIL 102 or higher, are eligible for back credits (up to 16 credits). For example, if students who are placed in FIL 301 complete the course with a grade of C or better, then they will receive back credits for FIL 101, FIL 102, FIL 201 and FIL 202 for a total of 16 credits.

Students with no prior Filipino language experience should enroll in FIL 101 and may do so without consent.

Filipino placement exams are administered regularly and by appointment. To set a date and time, please contact Filipino placement exam coordinators, Dr. Jayson Parba and Precious Arao at (uhmfil@hawaii.edu)

PLACEMENT TEST during COVID-19 Mabuhay! We are now ready to administer the placement test (PT) online. Because the covid-19 pandemic has pushed us to do this online, we will require you to download zoom BOTH on your computer and on your phone. During the test, you are required to share your desktop with the examiner(s) and use zoom video on your phone to show them that you are not accessing online dictionaries or getting any help from someone. Please make sure that you have functioning cameras on your mobile phone and computer during the test. We hope you understand that we have to do this in order to protect the integrity of the PT.

The placement test will assess the following skills: reading comprehension, grammar/verb conjugation, writing, and speaking. The PT assesses your current proficiency level in Filipino, so review before taking it is not necessary. It takes around 1 hour and 30 minutes to finish the test, including the speaking and interview part.

To receive back credits or recieve a language waiver, download and fill out the form below after receiving your grade and submit it to Ms. Sandra Takeo (stakeo@hawaii.edu), at Spalding 255.