Here you will find important information technology alerts and late breaking news that affect computing services. Questions and comments about the topics of the articles should go to the individual authors.

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Current and Recent Outages RSS feed

SummaryResolved (or expected resolution time)
[RESOLVED] Deploy TAPS 4.10 (for PS 9.2 upgrade) (Feb 23)Feb 23 06:30 am
[RESOLVED] Deploy Online Leave for PS 9.2 Upgrade (Feb 23)Feb 23 06:30 am
[RESOLVED] Deploy Rice Workflow for PS 9.2 Upgrade (Feb 23)Feb 23 06:25 am
[RESOLVED] Deploy Profiler v4.4 for PS 9.2 Upgrade (Feb 23)Feb 23 06:00 am
[RESOLVED] PSOFT: PeopleSoft and HR Datamart 9.2 Upgrade (Feb 19)Feb 23 05:00 am
[RESOLVED] Backup of the production ODS database (Feb 22)Feb 22 07:00 pm
[RESOLVED] Course Transfer unavailable (Feb 21)Feb 22 12:20 pm
[RESOLVED] [Manoa] Network outage (Feb 22)Feb 22 08:05 am
[RESOLVED] Emergency ODS Outage (Feb 18)Feb 22 08:00 am
[RESOLVED] Scheduled maintenance for various ITS services (Feb 21)Feb 21 12:00 pm
[RESOLVED] Scheduled maintenance for Laulima (Feb 21)Feb 21 09:53 am
[RESOLVED] Banner Outage for System Upgrades and Patching (Feb 20)Feb 20 07:30 pm
[RESOLVED] Scheduled maintenance for Listserv (Feb 20)Feb 20 07:00 am
[RESOLVED] [Manoa] Network outage at Lincoln Annex (Feb 16)Feb 17 07:28 am
[RESOLVED] Database for Ellucian Operational Data Store (ODS) is currently unavailable. (Feb 16)Feb 16 12:20 pm
[RESOLVED] [Manoa] Network Service in Admin Services Building 1 May be Unavailable (Feb 16)Feb 16 09:48 am
[RESOLVED] Coconut Island Network Resources Unavailable (Feb 13)Feb 13 02:40 pm
[RESOLVED] Scheduled maintenance for MySuccess (Feb 12)Feb 13 06:00 am
[RESOLVED] Paystub application unavailable. (Feb 11)Feb 11 08:57 am

Current Outages RSS feed

SummaryResolved (or expected resolution time)

Scheduled Outages RSS feed

SummaryScheduled Start TimeScheduled End Time
Scheduled maintenance for ODS (Feb 25)Feb 25 05:00 pmFeb 25 06:00 pm

Security Alerts RSS feed

SummaryPosted On
Phishing Attempt: Expense Reimbursement (Feb 23)Feb 23 02:46 pm
Phishing Attempt: Urgent Message From IT Department (Jan 25)Jan 25 03:12 pm
Phishing Attempt: 'Follow up' [another variant of the 'Are you available?' emails] (May 7)May 7 08:58 am
Phishing Attempt: New tactic for the "Are you available" emails (Apr 15)Apr 15 10:51 am
Phishing Attempt: Quick request [another variant of the 'Are you available?' emails] (Mar 9)Mar 9 08:23 am
Phishing Attempt: "Quick Message" [and two other variants of suspicious 'Are you available?' emails] (Jan 6)Jan 6 10:09 am
Phishing Attempt: Suspicious 'Hello' and 'Are you available?' emails with UH officials' names] (Dec 3)Dec 3 11:44 pm

General Notices & Announcements RSS feed

SummaryPosted On
Notice: Adobe Flash Player Advisory (Jan 11)Jan 11 10:13 am
Notice: Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac: End of Support Advisory (Nov 10)Nov 10 03:51 pm
Notice: End of support for macOS 10.12.x and 10.13.x (Nov 2)Nov 2 02:53 pm
Notice: Changes to Google Groups (Oct 21)Oct 21 08:28 am
Notice: macOS 11 (Big Sur) advisory (Sep 22)Sep 22 07:16 am
Notice: Microsoft Office 2010/2011/2013: End of Support Advisory (Sep 10)Sep 10 12:14 pm
Notice: Google will be phasing out less secure apps (LSA) access (Feb 11)Feb 11 02:18 pm
Notice: Google App Maker will be shut down on January 19, 2021 (Jan 29)Jan 29 10:44 am