Here you will find important information technology alerts and late breaking news that affect computing services. Questions and comments about the topics of the articles should go to the individual authors.

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SummaryResolved (or expected resolution time)
[RESOLVED] Scheduled maintenance for Kuali Build (May 16)May 16 10:22 am
[RESOLVED] UH Login Authentication unavailable (May 16)May 16 06:40 am
[RESOLVED] [Manoa] Network outage (May 8)May 9 01:57 pm
[RESOLVED] PA HR function not working. (May 3)May 3 04:08 pm

Current Outages RSS feed

SummaryResolved (or expected resolution time)

Scheduled Outages RSS feed

SummaryScheduled Start TimeScheduled End Time
LISTSERV Upgrade (May 20)May 20 05:00 amMay 20 07:00 am

Security Alerts RSS feed

SummaryPosted On
Phishing Attempt: Evaluation.docx01.docx (May 14)May 14 01:21 pm
Phishing Attempt: Various "Password Expiration" notice emails (refer to sample messages) (Apr 8)Apr 8 10:04 am
Phishing Attempt: Re: Employee Support Program (Apr 1)Apr 1 12:19 pm
Phishing Attempt: Direct Deposit Update; Change In Payroll Details (Mar 9)Mar 9 10:28 am
Phishing Attempt: [username] unusual sign-in activity (Mar 8)Mar 8 12:55 pm
Phishing Attempt: Urgent Message From IT Department (Jan 25)Jan 25 03:12 pm
Phishing Attempt: DC.docx, Document.docx, Faculty Evaluation.docx, Faculty Survey.docx or similar (Jun 25)Jun 25 09:00 am
Phishing Attempt: 'Follow up' [another variant of the 'Are you available?' emails] (May 7)May 7 08:58 am
Phishing Attempt: New tactic for the "Are you available" emails (Apr 15)Apr 15 10:51 am
Phishing Attempt: Quick request [another variant of the 'Are you available?' emails] (Mar 9)Mar 9 08:23 am
Phishing Attempt: "Quick Message" [and two other variants of suspicious 'Are you available?' emails] (Jan 6)Jan 6 10:09 am
Phishing Attempt: Suspicious 'Hello' and 'Are you available?' emails with UH officials' names] (Dec 3)Dec 3 11:44 pm

General Notices & Announcements RSS feed

SummaryPosted On
Notice: Email thread with recipients outside of may be labeled "External" (May 6)May 6 02:47 pm
Notice: Google Maps sign-in change (Apr 14)Apr 14 08:00 am
Notice: End of support for macOS 10.12.x and 10.13.x (Nov 2)Nov 2 02:53 pm
Notice: Google@UH transition to New Google Sites (Aug 17)Aug 17 09:22 am