University of Hawaii Hosted Website Service

The UH Hosted Website Service provides units and sponsored projects at the University of Hawaii with self-managed, dynamic web pages and secure storage of data. The service features an Apache web server (2.4.37) , PHP scripting (8.0.30) , and a MySQL database server (8.0.35).

This service is designed to provide offices with an economical solution for providing dynamic web content by eliminating the costs associated with managing the hardware, software, and network infrastructure necessary for hosting a website, while maintaining full control of the web content itself.

This service is made available by Information Technology Services (ITS) to recognized University of Hawaii departments and staff offices with well-defined projects that clearly serve the University of Hawaii community. The service is open to units from all 10 campuses of the University of Hawaii System.

This service complements existing web services by providing departments a means to develop and deploy dynamic web pages. Sites are deployed within and integrate seamlessly with the existing University of Hawaii web space. At some point, this service may replace the various existing services to provide a more robust, integrated, and secure means for developing UH websites. Until such time, units must meet the minimum requirements and be approved for participation.

Apache         PHP         MySQL