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PDF documents are not compatible with many Screen Readers--you will need to convert the PDF file to HTML to make a file compatible with most screen readers. To convert an Adobe® Portable Document Format (PDF) file to HTML, simply type a URL for an Adobe PDF document into this electronic form and select the "Get This Adobe PDF Document as HTML" button. The Adobe PDF document will be converted on-the-fly to HTML, and will be returned to you immediately in your browser application.

You will want to first go back to the page where you saw the PDF file and copy the URL (address in the location bar on your browser then paste it in the form below.

Enter a URL to any Adobe PDF document below:

The above form is provided on The Public Speakers' Web site to comply with Section 508 standards. If you are visually impaired and need further ADA compliant resources to succeed in Speech courses at Maui Community College please email Ron St. John. You can use some new screen readers with Acrobat 5.0 PDF files. Acrobat 5.0 provides direct support for screen readers via the Microsoft® Active Accessibility (MSAA) application programming interface (API) for the Windows® platform. MSAA lets Acrobat 5.0 integrate with assistive technology products including the newest versions of screen readers from vendors such as Freedom Scientific and GW Micro.

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