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Speech 151 Handouts

Speech 151 Handouts from class are available in Adobe Acrobat PDF format for viewing, printing, and downloading with the Free Acrobat Reader Plug-in. If you have the Adobe Acrobat Reader you are ready to begin reading, downloading, and/or printing--If you don't have the Reader just download Adobe's free Acrobat Reader program to view, and print the handouts.

For students with visual impairments that are using a screen reader Click Here.

The following handouts are now available. You can print them individually as you need them or you can print out the entire packet.

Click on the handout you are looking for or CLICK HERE to print the entire 19 Page Handout Packet for Speech 151 class not including the handouts from the first day of class.

Time Saving Suggestion -- You can get your own Interview Schedule in Word 97 format for your interview partner. You can use the sample as a template and/or a guide: Time Saving Suggestion -- You can get your own Informative Speech Preparation Outline template in Word 97 format to use as a template and a guide for your own Informative Speech Preparation Outline: Adobe PDF formatted file IconClick here to print an Info Speech Preparation Outline Template with Adobe Acrobat If you missed any of the handouts on the First day of class -- the following handouts were in the first day packet. You will only need to print the schedule for the course that you are in -- Mon/Wed. or Tue/Thur. Course Info:
The following handouts will be helpful soon -- you can print them out individually or you can CLICK HERE to view and or print the entire packet of the following handouts -- minus the handouts that you were given in class on the first day:

Introduction Speech Materials:

If you are having trouble printing the handouts -- they are all available at the Library on closed reserve under my name (Ron St. John). Ask for the Speech 151 Handout Binder and you can copy the handouts in the Library on the copier for 10cents a copy, however, it would be more cost effective to print these handouts on a computer.

For students with visual impairments that are using a screen reader you will need to convert Adobe® Portable Document Format (PDF) file to HTML. You can convert the Adobe PDF document on the PDF Converter Page.

You will need to copy the URL for the PDF that you want to convert then copy it into the converter on the PDF Converter Page.

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