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Candidate Advisory Council
University of Hawaiʻi
2444 Dole Street
Honolulu, HI 96822

tel (808) 956-9083

Candidate Advisory Council Procedures and Rules

[Adopted: August 30 2007; Rev. September 8, 2008, November 17, 2010, September 5, 2013, & August 26, 2020]


  1. There shall be a total of 11 regent seats with the following geographic distribution (residency required in the geographic area selected):
    1. Two (2) from Hawaiʻi County
    2. Two (2) from Maui County
    3. One (1) from Kauaʻi County
    4. Five (5) from Honolulu County
    5. One (1) student from any UH campus
  2. The Candidate Advisory Council (council) shall present to the governor no fewer than three candidates for each seat on the University of Hawaiʻi Board of Regents.
  3. Deadlines
    1. Expiration of regent terms: No later than March 1 of each year, the council shall present to the governor the names of candidates to fill each expiring regent seat.
    2. Vacancy due to resignation, death or removal by the governor: No later than 60 calendar days after being notified in writing by the governor that a vacancy exists, the council shall present to the governor the names of candidates to fill the vacancy.


  1. Expiration of regent term
    1. The council shall convene as early as necessary to review the number of open seats and develop a timetable for the current year’s recruitment process.
    2. The council shall advertise to fill expired seats.
    3. Deadline for accepting completed nominations will be set by the council. This deadline may be extended as determined by the council.
  2. Vacant regent seats due to resignation, death or removal by the governor
    1. The council shall convene a meeting within a reasonable time after receiving notice that a vacancy exists to ensure that the 60-day requirement is met.
    2. The council shall advertise to fill the vacancy.
    3. Selection from nominated qualified pool shall be made and submitted to the governor for selection.


  1. The council hereby incorporates by reference Rules 8, 9 and 10 of the Rules for Officers, Code of Conduct, Meetings, Decisions and Transmittal.


  1. Upon completing nominations review, nominees selected for interviews shall be contacted and required to sign specific waivers/affidavits for background checks to begin.
  2. Background checks may include but are not limited to contacting the following:
    1. State Ethics Commission.
    2. Office of Disciplinary Counsel or other professional disciplinary or licensing body.
    3. County Police Departments and other government law enforcement agencies.
    4. Department of Taxation.
    5. References listed on the application.
    6. Credit bureau(s).
    7. Employment.
    8. Education.
    9. LexisNexis or other background check services.
  3. Upon obtaining information from the background checks, the council may conduct further interviews of nominees.
  4. The council shall convene prior to March 1. The council shall
    1. Finalize the list to be submitted to the governor.
    2. Determine if and how many candidates will be carried forward for consideration in the following year.
  5. Notify selected candidates that their name(s) will be presented to the governor for possible selection and follow up with a letter.
  6. Inform the university system’s vice president for student affairs and university/community relations to prepare the press release of names.
  7. Prepare the presentation to the governor listing the nominees for each open seat.


  1. The chair or designee of the council may meet with the governor and present the list of candidates for possible selection and ultimate confirmation by the senate.