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Collecting and Submitting Student/Participant Work in Laulima

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There are several ways you can collect/submit files online. Among those methods include simply attaching files via email/webmail. Laulima provides ways you can do this which organizes things by the course/work spaces you are associated with. Within Laulima there are also several tools that may serve a similar message-based functions (Discussion and Private Messages, Mailtool, Forums, etc).

Additionally, Laulima offers tools that are specifically for collecting submissions, namely the Dropbox tool and Assignments tool. The Dropbox tool is the simpler tool, offerring a shared space between an instructor/maintainer and student/participant. Each student/participant has a seperate private space (dropbox) that they and the instructor/maintainer can access (think of it as a bunch of post offices boxes that one person in charge also has access to). The Assignments tool allows for an instructor/maintainer to create assignments for participants to submit with due dates, grading options, etc. This tool provides a more task-based model (like its name, a place to list assignments and turn them in).

In deciding how you want to gather work from students online, think about whether the work will be completely submitted (as in a regular class assignment) or whether the work will be exchanged for your review then edited by the student over a period of time (as in a project or term paper). Certain tools may work better for you depending on this factor.

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