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Communicating with your students in Laulima

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A variety of means are available to contact and communicate with your students in Laulima. Which of these you use will depend on how you want to communicate or contact them (one-to-many or one-to-one) and on the purpose of the communication: do you simply want to broadcast information or do you want the students to reply to you.

Though you can perform these functions with UH Webmail (, Laulima can simplify the process since the student list in each course space functions as a mailing list when using its communication tools. (If you don't have your students' email addresses, you can get them via Academic Services in MyUH or by going to Site Info of your course space in Laulima.)

Laulima offers a number of tools that facilitates both one-to-many and one-to-one communication. Though communication is primarily internal to a course space, some tools can also send messages to students’ addresses or whatever address they specified in their Laulima preferences. Some tools may need to be added as they are not part of the default set of tools that come with new course spaces. To add tools, in the course go to Site Info > Edit Tools.

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