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Testing students in Laulima

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Just as important it is to provide instructional content to students, so is it to assess their comprehension and/or performance. Tests provide a means for instructors to measure this. In an online course, it is possible to distribute your tests or surveys by giving a raw word processing file or a PDF file. However, if you want something more secure, you should consider using tools dedicated to delivering assessments. Laulima provides two tools that you can use in delivering your assessments: "Tasks, Tests and Surveys" and "Tests & Quizzes."

*You can use either tool but we generally recommend Tasks, Tests and Surveys for its flexibility and options.

Tasks, Tests and Surveys only allows you to either create questions in a question pool to assemble them later in an assessment, or to import questions from ones already available in Tests & Quizzes. Although there are little statistic or secure tests options, the special access options are better with this tool.

Tests & Quizzes allows for the import (copy and paste) of some word processing documents, though they need to be formatted in a specific way. You may also enter the questions manually as part of a test or as questions in a question pool. Though this tool allows for multiple ways to create questions for your assessments and several good options for secure testing, it is somewhat inflexible should there be an error in the delivery of the test.

For more details on creating assessments in Laulima, you can refer to our TALENT materials:
Tests & Quizzes (Samigo) Manual (PDF)
Tasks, Tests and Surveys (Mneme) Manual (PDF)
Tasks, Tests and Surveys Tutorials