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Welcome to Laulima Support for Faculty & Staff

Welcome to the Laulima Support & Resource Tools page for UH faculty and staff!

Laulima is the course management and collaborative resources tool supported for enhanced/total online teaching and collobarative projects at the University of Hawaii. For enhanced or total online teaching, Laulima is connected to the registration (MyUH) system, allowing automatic course population of officially registered students.

In this area you can access Manuals, online Tutorials, Videos, Web Accessibility focusing on standards applied to course material development, application and informational resources, and FAQ.

Faculty Manuals - Longer form reference materials regarding Laulima and its tools
Faculty Tutorials - Shorter articles on specific tasks and tool usage in Laulima
Faculty Videos - Video of previous TALENT workshops (QuickTime format)
Faculty FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about Laulima