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Laulima Faculty Tutorials

Brief articles on specific tasks and tool usage in Laulima.

*New tip on using Forums for journaling (pdf, Roger Williams University)
Attendance Tool Overview & Grading Component (YouTube links)

Account management
> Managing Course Tabs (display, hide and re-order course list)

Course Space management
> Adding a TA or someone to help develop your course
> Removing someone from your course
> Adding a Student or Guest student to your course
> Accessing your course with a "Student View" account
> Adding Tools
> Determining student date last attended (for grading/financial aid purposes)
> Publishing Your Course or Project Site (Making your site visible for student access)
> Importing from Site (Copying material from one site into another)
> Renaming, Rearranging, Removing, and Hiding Tools
> Changing a participant’s role
> Creating groups

Resources tool
> Hiding files and folders (Allows uploaded files/folders to be hidden from students’ view)
> Making a Resource item viewable outside of a site (Allows people to view items not located in that site)

Syllabus tool
> Adding your syllabus via attachment
Adding your syllabus via copying/pasting

Assessment tools
> Tasks, Tests & Surveys (now named Assignments, Tests and Surveys)
> Assessment Strategies
> Extending the time limit for certain students in Tests & Quizzes
> Special Access feature (change parameters for specific students) in Assignments, Tests and Surveys
> Instructions for for TTS "Paste Questions & Import" (PDF file) (click here for sample text file)
> Editing a test question to insert an image
> Respondus (offiline quiz creation tool) resources (third-party software for Windows)

Gradebook tool
> Gradebook: Categories & Weighting
> Exporting Gradebook
> Removing Assessments & Assignments from Gradebook
> Calculating Course Grades (Students’ grades are calculated higher than they should be?)
> Changing Course Grade Options in Gradebook
> Publishing Grades from Laulima directly to Banner

Miscellaneous tools
> Sending email via the Email tool
> Adding a Module
> Sign-up tool
> Clog tool

> Linking to a UHM library electronic resource from Laulima (Manoa courses only)
> Problems with Copy/Paste from Word (Getting error messages when trying to copy/paste from Word?)

> iClicker v7 (iClicker Classic) download and guides
Instructions for setting up iClicker v7 (iClicker Classic) on MacOS 10.12 (Sierra)
Setting up an iClicker Cloud link in Laulima
> Register i>clickers using Laulima (iClicker v6)
> Uploading polling information from i>grader to Laulima (iClicker v6)

Instructional Tips
> Creating Private Journals in Forums (pdf, Roger Williams University)


Stay tuned for additional tutorials & information.