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Setting up an iClicker Cloud link in Laulima

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If you use iClicker Cloud in your course, you can add a link in your Laulima course site which will enable you to automatically connect to your course on iClicker Cloud.


1. Log into your iClicker Cloud account at

image of the iclicker cloud website

2. Click on your course (or create one).

image of iclicker cloud account page

3. Click on Settings.

clicking on the settings button

4. Click on Integrations.

clicking on the grade sync tab

5. Turn on Grade Sync Integration, then select Sakai on the “Select a Platform” scroll menu.

selecting the sakai option on scroll menu

6. Scroll down the page and copy the URL/link in the text box under “Course-specific LTI link.” (You will need to paste this URL/link in step 13.)

image of copying course link

7. Go to Laulima to your course.

image of laulima course page

8. Go to Site Info.

image of clicking on site info button

9. Click on External Tools.

image of clicking on the external tools button

10. Click on the Tool Links tab.

image of clicking on the tool links tab

11. Click on “Create Tool Link.”

image of clicking on create tool link

12. Select iClicker Cloud on the scroll menu.

image of selecting iclicker cloud on the scroll menu

13. In the “Launch URL” field, paste the URL/link copied from the iClicker Cloud website in step 6.

pasting link into the launch url text box

14. Check the box for “Add Site Link.”

iimage of selecting the add site link option

15. Click on the Save button.

image of clickiing on the save button

You should now see a link for “iClicker Cloud” on the course menu. Clicking on the link should open a new page/tab for the course on iClicker Cloud.

image showing the newly added iclicker cloud button in the course menu



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