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Removing Assessment & Assignment entries from Gradebook

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Removing an Assessment
If you have published an assessment and choose the option to have it added to the gradebook via assessment settings, but decided to retract it and now need to remove it from the gradebook, you can do so by following the steps below.

1. Go to your Tests & Quizzes area using the course menu.

2. Click on the "Settings" link under the test or quiz you would like to remove the link to the gradebook from, this can be done for active and inactive assessments.

3. Click on the "Open" link to open all setting areas or scroll down the page and click on the arrow next to "Grading".


5. Notice under the Gradebook Options, the "Grades sent to Gradebook" is selected. Change it by clicking on the radio button next to "None", scroll down and click "Save Settings".

6. Now when you go to the Gradebook, you should no longer see the assessment listed.

Removing an Assignment
Removing an assignment that you have created and added to the gradebook.

1. Using the course menu, click on the "Assignments" tool.

2. Click the Edit link under the assignment you would like to remove.

3. Under the Grading section, change the radio button to select "Do not associate assignment to Gradebook" and click "Post".

4. The assignment should no longer appear in the Gradebook.

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