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Copy & Paste from Word

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"When I copy and paste from Word, a bunch of weird symbols or coding gets put into my text. What can I do to fix this?" If you try to copy and paste from Word into a text editor box in Laulima and you get an error message that says it can not be posted because of the coding in the text, it is most likely the hidden formatting codes that Microsoft adds to their files. This tutorial may help you post your text the way you want it to look.

Below is an example of what the hidden formatting might look like when trying to post in the (FCK) html editor. This example was done by copy and pasting from a Word (97-2003 version) document into the Syllabus tool.

*NOTE: If you do not see any of the text editor buttons at the top of where the text was pasted, it is most likely because of the browser you are using. Please try using Firefox as you browser. If you do not have Firefox, you can download for free from this site:

Using the "Paste from Word" icon

(I've tried this and it still doesn't work.)


1. First, delete all the text that had been put in with the coding. Then click on the "Paste from Word" icon.


2. Once you click on the "Paste from Word" icon a pop-up window will appear. Paste your text into this window.


3. Click the OK button and your text will appear in the text editor window.

You should then be able to complete the process for posting your text, depending on what tool you are using in Laulima. In the example above, the next step would be to click the "Post" button and the syllabus should then be available to the students.


However, in some cases, the "Paste from Word" icon does not get rid of the formatting that is causing the errors. If you are still getting error messages after using the "Paste from Word" icon, then you will have to use the "Paste as Plain Text" icon instead.

Using the "Paste as Plain Text" icon

1. Similar to the process of using the "Paste from Word" icon, clicking on the "Paste as Plain Text" icon will open a small window for you to paste your text into.


2. As illustrated in the image below, the Paste as Plain Text will not take any formatting. Only the text will be pasted. Any Bold, Italics, Underline, Center aligned, or any other formatting gets wiped out but can be added once the text is pasted into the text editor. Once you have pasted your text, click the OK button.


3. Once the text is in the text editor, the formatting can be added using the tools.


4. Once you have finished adding the formatting to your text, you should then be able to post or submit your text without any error messages.


If this tutorial does not seem to help you, please submit a "Request Assistance" form to the Laulima Support Team.

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