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Adding a "Student View" Account

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Adding a "Student View" Account :
Adding a "student view " (aka. test account) account to a worksite allows users who have instructor/maintain privileges (usually instructors or staff) in that worksite the ability to view a course as a student would. Seeing a course in this fashion helps to test what you are seeing is actually what the student views on their end. This also allows you to test how things are as a participant with student or access level privileges.

Setting Up a "Student View" Account
Before you can add a "student view" account to your worksite, you need to have an email account external to the UH system to use. The process for creating this "student view" account is similar to setting up a guest account in Laulima. If you already have one, you can skip to the next step. Otherwise, you just need an email account that is not tied to the UH email system. If you don’t already have one from your ISP (or just want to use a different one), there are many services that offer free email accounts (ex: gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc).

Adding the "Student View" Account to Your Worksite

1. In the worksite that you want to add the test account to, click "Site Info".

Click "Site Info"

2. In Site Info, click the "Add Participants" link near the top of the section.

Click "Add Participants"

3. In the "Guest participants" field (bottom field), add the entire address of your "student view" account, then click "Continue".

Add student view email address in Guest particpants field, then click Continue

4. Choose what role you want this external email account to have in your site, for this "student view" example, we will choose "Student". Click the "Continue" button.

Choose "Student" then click "Continue"

5. The next screen asks if you want to send an email to notify the external email account that it has been added. In the sample it the notification is not sent, but it’s an option you might choose. Click the "Continue" button. Note: If the account is being created (added for the first time in the system), you will be sent an email to that account with a password seperately from a add notification email. The password will only be sent once.

Click "Continue"

6. This screen shows the account(s) you are adding as a summary. Click "Finish" to finish the process.

Click "Finish"

7. You will now see the account added to your worksite. If you want to log in as this other account, you will either need to quit out of Laulima if you want to use the same web browser; or open a new web browser to log in as this test account. Note: If the external email account was never used in Laulima before and you have never edited it, it will show up as it’s email account as both the username and the name. It would be better to edit the account to display a name and change your password at the same time.

External email account added

Modifying Your Test/Student View/Guest Account Name and Password
The first time an external email account is created in Laulima, an email will be sent to that account with log in information.

New external account login email

This email will contain some information about logging in , including a password randomly generated by the Laulima system. You will need this password (in the illustration below, the password is blurred out) to log in to Laulima.

Login email contents

It is highly recommended that you change your Laulima external email account’s display name and password settings in Laulima. To do this:

1. Go to the Laulima web site ( and log in with the external email’s entire address in the "user Id" field, and the given password for the account, then click to "Login".

Login to Laulima with external address and given password

2. In your "My Workspace" tab, click the "Account" tool on the left.

In "My Workspace", click "Account"

3. In the Account tool, click "Modify Details".

Click "Modify Details"

4. Add a First Name, Last Name, and New Password (resonably secure but one you can remember); also verify this new password. To confirm these settings click "Update Details".

Add a First Name, Last Name, New Password and then click Update Details

The next time you login to Laulima, you can use the entire email address as the User Id with your new password. The editing of your name will display your name instead of the email address or in some tools "guest".

Display name updated


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