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Laulima Updated to Sakai 12.5

Below is a list of some of the changes on the Laulima system after upgrading from Sakai 11.4 to 12.5.
NOTE: This page may be updated periodically.

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UI slightly rearranged:
Some interface elements have changed in Sakai 11.

  • If you are an instructor/maintain in a site, the “view site as” dropdown (and its exit) is in the upper right, next to the Sites drawer; note that there is no longer a colored indicator to indicate you are in a different view (this may change in the future)
  • Favorited site tab(s) no longer in blue area, now slightly lower on page.
  • Option to add newly added sites to favorited tab area automatically (Sites drawer -> Organize Favorites tab -> Automatically add new sites toggle); you may need to manually favorite courses (click on Sites drawer and light the stars next to the course) the first time you access Sakai 12.5

New Laulima layout image

Assignments Tool

  • When grading, instructor can send same feedback to several students (selectable)

Commons (New Tool)

  • Similar to Facebook’s wall-type postings on a single page (instructor will need to configure permissions on who can post, reply, etc)

Lessons Tool

  • Can embed a calendar onto your Lessons page via Add Content -> Embed Calendar
  • Can show subpages as a collapsible list

Tests & Quizzes Tool

  • Users and groups can now be granted exceptions to the due date and duration (selective release), called “Exceptions to Time Limit and Delivery Date”


  • MathML is no longer available in the editor due to its dependence on Adobe Flash. We are looking into alternatives.
  • Emojis are not working at the moment, it is being looked into. (update 01/20/19, this should be working)
  • Some html attributes associated with tables are being deprecated including align, bgcolor, borders, cellpadding, and more. You might be able to manually add these via the source html or on the table properties add in some rules in the Advance tab, but the interface may not show the (previously) standard options for now.



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