Visitor Internet Access (VIA) for UH


University of Hawai’i (UH) faculty and staff may request access to the UH Wireless Internet network for their visitors.

VIA provides visitors access to services that use the ITS authentication infrastructure for access control. Visitors may be granted access for up to one year. These services include the ITS managed wireless services on the UH Mānoa campus and other UH campuses. You would typically login with your UH username and password to access wireless services. Note that many schools and departments also have their own wireless networks with their own access control; this service does not apply to any of them unless they use the ITS access control service.

Sponsoring Visitor Access

Visitors must be sponsored by an active member of the UH faculty or staff. Sponsors are responsible for providing technical support including resetting passwords for their guest(s).

Visitors must adhere to all applicable UH policies when using UH network resources. Sponsors are responsible for the actions of their visitor(s).

Unauthorized access is prohibited by law in accordance with Chapter 708, Hawaii Revised Statutes; all use is subject to University of Hawaii Executive Policy E2.210.

Resetting a Visitor’s Password

If a visitor forgets the password, the sponsor should login to and reset their visitor’s password.

Expiring Visitor Access

If a visitor leaves prior to the expiration of their access, the sponsor should expire their access by logging into