CEE Seminar: "Learning and Technology: Perspectives and Examples"

February 8, 1:00am - 2:00pm
Mānoa Campus, https://hawaii.zoom.us/j/96123802137

How is technology impacting teaching and learning? The field of learning design and technology explores this expansive question by drawing on interdisciplinary theories and methods from fields such as education, psychology, and human-computer interaction. In this presentation, Drs. Seungoh Paek and Daniel Hoffman, faculty in the Department of Learning Design and Technology, will walk through examples of learning technology research, with the aim of exploring what's known (and unknown) about the relationship between technology and learning. The talk will showcase how digital environments can be designed to investigate important questions about human learning, including lessons taken from a recent NSF grant titled, Advancing Research and Practice in Culturally-Relevant Computing. The presentation will conclude with a discussion of the value of interdisciplinary research collaborations. Presenters: Seungoh Paek, Associate Professor, and Daniel Hoffman, Assistant Professor, from the Department of Design & Technology (LTEC), College of Education at UH Manoa

Event Sponsor
Civil and Environmental Engineering, Mānoa Campus

More Information
Prof. Albert S. Kim, 808-956-3718, albertsk@hawaii.edu

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