The CIS program has had an international impact as evidenced by the placement of graduates in various positions around the world. Graduates are faculty or are in industry positions in Australia, German, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Nepal, New Zealand, and Taiwan, as well as organizations throughout the United States.



Misa Maruyama

Dissertation: Social watching” to learn about and discuss a civic issue: How receiving positive social media feedback while watching a broadcast instills a sense of community

Chamil Rathnayake

Affiliation: Lecturer In Digital Media, School of Media & Performing Arts, Middlesex University London

Dissertation: Carrying forward the Uses and Grats 2.0 agenda: Developing an affordance-based measure of social media uses and gratifications, and applying it across political actors and attributes

Michelle Ibanez

Affiliation: Process Evaluation Coordinator, Center on the Family, College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources, University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa

Virtual Red Light Districts: Detecting Covert Networks and Sex Trafficking Circuits in the U.S.

Rajib Subba

Affiliation: Director of Communication Directorate, PHQ, Kathmandu, Nepal and Lead Faculty, Kings College-Kathmandu, an affiliate of Westcliff University, Irvine, CA, USA.

Dissertation: The Institutionalization Process of Non-Binding Virtual Communities: A Case Study of Haiti Earthquake Response Facebook Groups

Caterina Desiato

Interests: Diversity and power on the Internet; Ethical aspects of Information Technologies, particularly issues of privacy and control, the appropriation of the social web for personal and social change, and sociotechnical conditions for diverse online political deliberation; and Cross-pollination of methods and concepts from Philosophy, Communication, Network Analysis, and Gender Studies.


Kaveh Abhari

Affiliation: Assistant Specialist, Center for Disabilities Studies, College of Education, UH Manoa.

Modeling Actor Behavior in Collaborative Innovation Network: The Case of Social (New) Product Development

Ruobing Chi

Affiliation: Educator at Intercultural Communication, Shanghai International Studies University (SISU)

Dissertation: From a Typological to Network Understanding of Acculturation

Lisa Chuang

Affiliation: Assistant Professor and Program Chair for Integrated Multimedia, College of liberal arts, department of communication, Hawai'i Pacific University

Dissertation: Effective computer-mediated intercultural communication factors: the influence of intercultural communication competence, social cues, and accommodative behavior in intercultural online exchange

Salvatore Aurigemma

Affiliation: Assistant Professor School of Accounting and Computer Information Systems, University of Tulsa

Dissertation: From the Weakest Link to the Best Defense: Exploring the Factors that Affect Employee Intention to Comply with Information Security Policies

Viil Lid

Affiliation: Chief Product Officer & Chief Science Officer at MeetingSift

Investigating the Evolution of Key Member Roles in Socio-Technical Networks: Introducing the Composite Role Framework

Alexander Bergo

Affiliation: CEO and Chief Innovation Officer at MeetingSift

Fostering the Creation of Futures Data and Simulating Subsequent Future Event and Trend Interactions: Early Identification of Opportunities and Threats for High-Speed Broadband Development in Hawaii

Kathleen Kihmm Connolly

Affiliation: Special Projects Business Administrator, JABSOM Central Business Office, University of Hawaiʻi Mānoa

The Digital Divide and Health Outcomes: A Teleretinal Imaging Study

CIS compas PhD Hawaii

Kay Hamada

Interests: Technology in Academic Advising, ICT Assessment, Social Informatics, Online Communities & Popular Culture

Erika Lacro

Affiliation: Chancellor of Honolulu Community College, University of Hawai'i

Dissertation: Enhancing Student Learning and Success Through the Use of Social Networking Technologies: A Design-Based Research Approach

Blanca Polo

Affiliation: Program Coordinator, Information and Computer Science, Leeward Community College, University of Hawai'i

Dissertation: The Virtual Critical Studio: Implementing Studio-Based Learning Techniques in an Online Introductory Programming Course to Address Common Programming Errors and Misconceptions

Thayanan Phuaphanthong

Affiliation: University of Hawai'i at Manoa, HICSS conference

Dissertation: A Memetic Theory of Interorganizational Information Systems (IOIS) Emergence and Evolution: A Longitudinal Case Study of IOIS for Trade Facilitation

Lisa Yoda

Affiliation: Data Analyst at AlohaCare

Dissertation: Toward an understanding of college women's decisionmaking regarding the human papillomavirus vaccine

Kelsea Hosoda

Interest: Natural Language Processing applied to Hawaiian Language.


Kar-Hai Chu

Affiliation: Assistant Professor of Medicine University of Pittsburgh

Exploring How Technology Mediates the Types of Relationships Formed in Sociotechnical Systems

Laura Welsh

Dissertation: The Effect of Espoused National Cultural Values, the Five-Factor Model of Personality, and the Context of Travel on Technology Acceptance Across Two Levels of Structured Tourism Websites

Zach Tomaszewski

Affiliation:Professor at Palantir Technologies

Dissertation: Marlinspike: An interactive drama system

Joanne Loos (Romero)

Interests: My research focuses on the intersection of wearable information technologies (IT) and health communication. In particular, I concentrate on communication between patients and physicians, looking at things such as patient participation and the physicians' perspective. The wearable IT that I study can be used for patients who might otherwise have trouble communicating their health information to their physicians, be it from a lack of motivation to get involved with their health or with discussions about their health, health literacy issues, disabilities, insecurities, problems related to recall, factors related to language, and so forth. My research seeks to answer the question of how patients and physicians can better communicate with each other and what role wearable IT may play in this process. Keywords: wearables, information technology, health communication, physician-patient communication, personal informatics, social media, health behavior, consumer informatics, patient engagement, patient participation.

Patrick Gilbert

Affiliation: Professor in the Business department at University of Hawaii West Oahu, Kapolei, HI

Dissertation: A Delphi Policy Study on the Futures Use of Distance Education within the University of Hawaiʻi System

Kim Chi Diep

Affiliation: VEMBA Program Manager, University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa
Shidler College of Bussiness

Dissertation: A Conceptual Framework for Best Practices in Information Literacy Instruction Based on Stakeholders’ Perceptions: A Case Study of Four Vietnamese Academic Libraries

Jeng-Her (Alex) Chen

Affiliation: Assistant Professor, College of Management, Yuan Ze University

Dissertation: Personal Factors and Efficiency of Web Searching

Maureen MacLeod

Affiliation: Academy English Teacher at Punahou School, Hawai'i

Dissertation: Talking Story: Using Narrative Analysis to Explore Identity in Middle School Technology Innovation

Louis Tomsic

Dissertation: Effectiveness of Blog Response Strategies to minimize Crisis Effects

Hanae Kramer

Affiliation: Assistant Professor at School of Communications, University of Hawai'i at Manoa

Dissertation: Marketing a Nation: The Role of Film in Manchoukuo

Kumiko Hachiya

Dissertation: Mobile Phones and Older Japanese Adults

Ashiyan Rahmani-Shirazi

Interests: I am primarily interested in how women in rural communities in the Pacific region use mobile devices to interact with community radio for the purpose of social and economic development. My teaching interests include 'Global Communication' and 'Communication for International Development'. Keywords: ICT4D for rural women in the Pacific, Radio in the Pacific, Mobile devices for Development, Media & Communications History, and Pacific Islands Research Methods


Dan Smith

Affiliation: Principal Engineer – Avionics, Hawaiian Airlines; Lecturer, University of Hawai`i at Manoa

Dissertation: Social Media Correlates of Organizational Climate

donna Bair-Mundy

Affiliation: Retired, Library and Information Science Program, University of Hawai'i at Manoa

A Theoretical Model for the Evolution of Law Relating to Telecommunication Privacy Vis-a-Vis Law Enforcement Surveillance in America

Laurel King

Affiliation: Quality Assurance Manager, Lanakila Pacific

Dissertation: The Influence of Individual Differences on Diagrammatic Communication and Problem Representation

Patricia Donohue

Patricia Donohue

Affiliation: Associate Professor in the Instructional Technologies in the Graduate College of Education at San Francisco State University (SFSU)

Dissertation: Cooperative Groups in Practice: An Analysis of Affect and Productivity in Group Interactions

Claire Hitosugi

Affiliation: Leeward Community College, Information & Computer Science

Dissertation:Effects of Culture on Online Initial Trust: Individual Level Analysis



Marc Le Pape

Affiliation: Adjunct Faculty, Department of Tropical Medicine, Medical Microbiology and Pharmacology John A. Burns School of Medicine

Dissertation: Human-Computer Interaction In Extreme Environments: Interaction Effects Between Field Dependency-Independency And Altered ±Gz Accelerations On End-User Performance

Miwa Merz

Affiliation: Assistant Professor at Department of Marketing and Decision Sciences, College of Business, San José State University

Dissertation: The Effect of Message Framing on Attitudes and Intentions Toward Diabetes Mellitus Type II Prevention

CIS compas PhD Hawaii

Jonathan Young

Interests: My interests lie at the intersection of information science and communications. Specifically, I am studying the behavior of scholarly publishing networks, in the hope that we can understand and predict the direction of scientific progress. Ultimately, this might allow the creation of indicators that can highlight important scientific works quickly, a tool that becomes more and more necessary as the amount of information produced increases with each year. I use diverse methods in my research, including traditional bibliometric analysis, social network analysis, and communication theories. The CIS program has given me the opportunity to learn and make use of these various fields (Communications, Information Science, Library Science, Biomedical Informatics), apply them to this research question, and integrate them into a new and powerful interdisciplinary tool.

Matthew James Sharritt

Affiliation: President of Situated Research, Founder at Situated Research & CueCamp
Dissertation: Students’ Use of Social and Cognitive Affordances in Video Game Play Within Educational Contexts: Implications for Learning

Jennifer Campbell-Meier

Affiliation: MIS Programme Director School of Information Management Victoria University of Wellington

Dissertation: Case Studies on Institutional Repository Development: Creating Narratives for Project Management and Assessment

JungHyun Nam

Affiliation: Visiting assistant professor, Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, Republic of Korea

Dissertation: Perceived Quality and Motivations on Intention-To-Use of a General Web Portal

Paulo Maurin

Affiliation: National Education Coordinator and Fellowship Manager, NOAA Coral Reef Conservation Program (CRCP)

Dissertation: Informational Exchanges Among Hawaii Marine Stakeholders

Trisha Tsui-Chuan Lin

Affiliation: Associate Professor, Department of Radio & Television, National Chengchi University, Taiwan

Dissertation: TV News Digitalization in Taiwan: An Intraorganizational Model of IT Adoption and Implementation

Vichianin Yudthaphon

Affiliation: Assistant Professor at Mahidol University

Dissertation: How do healthcare information and communication technology (HICT) interventions affect access to public sector healthcare delivery in a developing country? A case study of professionals' perception in Saraburi Province, Thailand

Stephanie Rolfe

Affiliation: Regional Advisor – Central, New Zealand Transport Agency

Dissertation: Conceptualizing ICTs for Development: A Comparison of Four Pacific Island Countries and New Zealand as Donor

Ravi K Vatrapu

Affiliation: Professor at Department of IT Management, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

Dissertation: Technological Intersubjectivity and Appropriation of Affordances in Computer Supported Collaboration

John Lee Reardon

Dissertation: A Study of the Assimilation of Electronic Medical Records by Independent Physician Practices

Anthony Wong

Affiliation: Assistant Professor at MUST

Dissertation: Information and Communication Technology in Professional Organizations: An Empirical Investigation of the Social Actor Model

Lotus E. Kam

Affiliation: Decision Science & Customer Analytics at Starbucks

Dissertation: A Bayesian decision network model for analyzing biosecurity risk: Using a test-action biosecurity risk framework to develop a decision-theoretic model of white spot syndrome virus (WSSV) import risk for Hawai'i shrimp aquaculture

Su-Chin Wu

Affiliation: Lecturer at University of Hawai'i at Manoa and Hawaii Pacific University

Dissertation: An individual differences learning model (IDL) for asynchronous distributed learning (ADL) preferences: Gender, cultural backgrounds, learning styles, and attitudes toward collaborative learning

Gregory Carlton

Affiliation: Professor at Computer Information Systems Department, College of Business Administration, Cal Poly Pomona

A protocol for the forensic data acquisition of personal computer workstations

Sophea Chea

Affiliation: Assistant Professor, Business and Information Management, Delaware Valley University

Dissertation: Understanding the Roles of Emotion in Technology Acceptance

Michael Cress

Affiliation: Computer science professor at University of Hawaii: Honolulu Community College

Dissertation: Is my computer safe? The role of structural assurances in E-commerce trust building

Siong Meng Tay

Dissertation: A study of coordination and communication in distributed information technology support

David Pai

Dissertation: The Role of Cognitive Absorption in Technology Acceptance: Not All Dimensions are Created Equal

Joyce Yukawa

Affiliation: Associate Professor at Master of Library and Information Science Program, St. Catherine University
Dissertation: Hearts and Minds Through Hands Online: A Narrative Analysis of Learning Through Co-Reflection in an Online Action Research Course

Randall Larsen

Dissertation: Artist's Rights versus Copyright Owner's Rights

Steve Takaki

Dissertation: Self-efficacy, confidence, and overconfidence as contributing factors to spreadsheet development errors

Jenifer Sunrise Winter

Affiliation: Associate Professor and Graduate Chair at School of Communications. University of Hawaii at Manoa

Dissertation: Early identification and evaluation of slowly emerging problems related to the ubiquitous networked computing & communications environment in the State of Hawaii

Rita Michele Vick

Dissertation: Development of shared mental models: structuring distributed naturalistic decision making in a synchronous computer-mediated work environment

Yun Du

Dissertation: Developing a Web-Based Learning Environment

Justin M. W. Goo

Affiliation: Opihi Net LLC

Dissertation: The Effect of Negative Feedback on Confidence Calibration and Error Reduction in Spreadsheet Development

Sonja Wiley-Patton

Affiliation: Associate Professor at EJ Ourso College of Business, Louisiana State University

Dissertation: A Test of the Extended Technology Acceptance Model for Understanding the Internet Adoption Behavior of Physicians

Mauricio Featherman

Affiliation: Director of the Data Analytics MBA, Associate Professor of Information Systems, Carson College of Business, Washington State Univarsity

Dissertation: Evaluative criteria and user acceptance of Internet-based financial transaction processing systems

Sungwon Cho

Dissertation: Design of a trading mechanism in electronic marketplaces: online multidimensional auction mechanism with enhanced negotiation support

Candace Chien-Tzu Chou

Affiliation: Associate Profesor of Learning TechnologyTeacher Education, University of St. Thomas

Dissertation: Student interaction in a collaborative distance-learning environment: a model of learner-centered computer-mediated interaction

Jeng-Chung (Victor) Chen

Affiliation: Professor and Chairman, Institute of International Management, National Cheng Kung University

Trust and privacy in electronic monitoring workplaces

Carleton Moore

Affiliation: Instructor at Information and Computer Science, University of Hawai'i at Manoa

Dissertation: Investigating individual software development: an evaluation of the leap toolkit

Sunyeen Pai

Affiliation: Associate Professor, Digital Initiatives Librarian, Kapi'olani Community College, University of Hawai'i

Dissertation: The Role of Cognitive Absorption in Technology Acceptance: Not All Dimensions are Created Equal

Asanga Porage

Dissertation: Framework for the interactive customization of products and services

Koji Takeda

Dissertation: Design of a uniform language for client-designer communication in software development

David Lassner

Affiliation: President at University of Hawaii

Dissertation: Global telecommunications standardization in transition : impacts on Southeast Asia

John Locke

Assiliation: CEO of The Mystic Media Group

Dissertation: Creative Fission: Towards a Communication-Based Paradigm for the Study and Augmentation of Collaboration in Creative Information Ecologies

LeAnn Garrett

Affiliation: Department Chair, Systems Librarian, Mt. San Antonio College

Dissertation: Authority control and its influence on recall and precision in an online bibliographic catalog

Lai Kuen So

Dissertation: Automatic code generation for simulation programs using Petri net models

Jerome Heath

Affiliation: Retired Professor in the Computer Science department at Hawaii Pacific University

Culture, mindscapes, and technology

John F. Morton

Affiliation: Vice President for Community Colleges, University of Hawai'i

Dissertation: Effects of computer-mediated communication on faculty-student interaction outside the classroom

Xiangdong Ke

Dissertation: GOURD : an object-oriented uncertainty retrieval approach for graphics databases

Hsiao-Hui Wang

Affiliation: Associate Professor at Infomation Communication Yuan Ze University, Taiwan

Dissertation: Value of information technology : an empirical study of the impact of IT capabilities and IT use on economic growth and on organizational performance in Taiwan

Hyosun Kwon

Dissertation: Adoption of cellular telephone technologies and services : user perceptions and motivations in the United States (Hawaii) and South Korea

Ryota Ono

Affiliation: Professor, Business Management, Aichi University, Japan

Dissertation: Worldwide probe of the telecommunications development gap from developing country and developed country perspectives : the nature of the gap, the obstacles and the strategies to close the gap

Danurahardjo Tjahjono

Dissertation: Exploring the Effectiveness of Formal Technical Review Factors with CSRS, A Collaborative Software Review System

Ya Liu

Dissertation: GDB : a graphic database indexing and retrieving by visual relations

Kumiko Aoki

Affiliation: Professor of Informatics, Open University of Japan

Dissertation: Intercultural telecollaboration : a field experiment based upon a heuristic telecollaboration model for collaborative writing through the Internet

Beverly Hope

Affiliation: School of Management, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

Quality improvement in the service sector : an expert support system (ESS) for continuous improvement

Xiaobo Wang

Dissertation: Generating Customized Layouts Automatically

Dadong Wan

Affiliation: Senior Researcher and Innovation Executive at Accenture Technology Labs
Dissertation: CLARE : a computer-supported collaborative learning environment based on the thematic structure of scientific text

Kelly Burke

Affiliation: Professor, Management Information Systems, College of Business and Economics, University of Hawai'i at Hilo

Dissertation: Development processes and performance in groups using an electronic meeting system : a comparison of face-to-face, synchronous and asynchronous meeting environments

Zhengfu Geoffrey Liu

Affiliation: Professor, Library & Information Science, San Hosé State University

Dissertation: Experimental study of incorporating thematic role analysis into VSM-based text information representation and retrieval : design and evaluation of the semantic vector space model

Richard Halverson

Affiliation: Consultant and President Guide.Net; Lecturer University of Hawaii; Applications Developer

Functional memory approach to the design of custom computing machines

Jingxiang He

Dissertation: HAT (Hyper Analysis Toolkit) : a tool for hypertext-based dynamic systems analysis

Shakti S. Rana

Affiliation: Professor, SAIM college, Nepal

Dissertation: Product development model : case study of high definition television

Dara Lee Howard

Dissertation: Interacting with information : constructing personal knowledge using written text

Hai Huang

Affiliation: Principal Engineer at Palo Alto Networks, Inc

Proud–an integrated reverse engineering system for software maintenance

Diane M. Nahl

Affiliation: Professor Emerita of Library and Information Science, University of Hawai'i at Manoa

Dissertation: CD-ROM point-of-use instructions for novice searchers : a comparison of user-centered affectively elaborated and system-centered unelaborated text

Karen Rebecca Clark-Kraut

Dissertation: A spreadsheet-based decision model for the choice of indexing and abstracting data delivery option for academic libraries

David Stone

Dissertation: One channel at-a-time multichannel autoregressive modeling : applications to stationary and nonstationary covariance time series

Leorey Marquez

Affiliation: Senior Research Scientist with the Digital Productivity Flagship at CSIRO, Australia’s federal research agency

Dissertation: Function approximation using neural networks : a simulation study

Zhi Cheng Li

Dissertation: Generalization of the stable marriage algorithms involving group preferences in resource allocation problems

T. N. Kamala

Dissertation: Individual differences in the use of CD ROM databases

Johannes Meier

Affiliation: Founder and Managing Director of Xi GmbH
Dissertation: A Formal analysis of costs and benefits of interorganizational systems

Mark Hukill

Affiliation: Principal Consultant, Asia Pacific Electronic Media Communications, LLC

Dissertation: Telematics policy in the ASEAN countries : a base-line data taxonomy of telecommunications and information systems infrastructure and investment for developing planning

Matthew L. Yim