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News & Events

Gwen Jacobs

Dr. Gwen Talks on The Hawai’i Data Science Institute

Dr. Gwen Jacobs, the Co-Director of the Hawaiʻi Data Science Institute, gave a presentation on the topic of “The Hawai’i Data Science Institute: a Nexus for Data Science Education, Multidisciplinary Research and Partnership with Industry.” Abstract: The Hawai’i Data Science Institute is a University of Hawaii Systemwide initiative to support and promote data science education, multidisciplinary […]

Professor Peter Washington Talks on “Human-Centered Data Science for Healthcare” 

Professor Peter Washington from the Information & Computer Sciences Department at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa gave a presentation on the topic “Human-Centered Data Science for Healthcare.” Abstract: There are major bottlenecks to healthcare, including in Hawaii, which have resulted in a massive shortage of clinicians for diagnosis and treatment. These gaps in healthcare access […]


Professor Anthony Pennings Talks on “Five Stages of ICT for Global Development” 

Professor Anthony J. Pennings from the Department of Technology and Society, State University of New York, Korea gave a presentation on the topic “Five Stages of ICT for Global Development.” About the Presentation: This presentation explores and outlines the following stages of economic and social development utilizing information and communications technologies (ICT). The ICT acronym […]

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