The faculty contributing to the Communication and Information Sciences PhD Program reflect the interdisciplinary nature of the program. CIS Graduate Faculty are appointed tenure track faculty from the four partner programs, and may serve as advisors to CIS PhD students, dissertation committee chairpersons, and inside dissertation committee members. CIS Cooperating Graduate Faculty and CIS Affiliate Graduate Faculty may also serve as inside dissertation committee members for CIS PhD dissertations.

For the full list of possible dissertation committee members, please see the Office of Graduate Education’s Committee Member Selection website, and choose Communication and Information Sciences Doctoral program. More info on forming the dissertation committee is to be found here.

CIS Program Chair

Daniel D. Suthers

CIS Program Chair


Interests: My research interests broadly stated include social, cognitive and computational perspectives on designing and evaluating technology for collaboration, community, and learning; and analytic methods for studying use of such technology. I have supervised 15 PhD dissertations on diverse topics within this scope and participated in many other committees, sometimes in other areas of research. My own research focus has recently included social affordances of technology for online communities and social media, and associated analytic tools, including addressing the analytic gap between microanalyses and aggregate analyses to identify significant interactions and understand how interpersonal ties and community structures are technologically embedded. I am methodologically eclectic, and have worked with mixed methods at multiple granularities, including microanalysis of interaction, statistical methods, social network analysis, and other computationally supported analytics.

Website: Dan Suthers


Photo Professor Department/Program Research Interests Contact Information
headshot photo of Asato Noriko Noriko Asato LIS Print Cultures, Librarianship, Censorship
headshot photo of Ann Auman Ann Auman JOUR Cross-Cultural/Global Media Ethics, News Literacy, Mobile Journalism
headshot photo of Kyungim Baek Kyungim Baek ICS Pattern recognition and machine learning in Bioinformatics; Computer vision; Computational model of visual perception; Deep learning; Neural computation
headshot photo of Edo Biagioni Edo Biagioni ICS Networking, Systems and Languages, Networking Security
headshot photo of Kim Binsted Kim Binsted ICS Human Communication, Information Management, Intelligent Interfaces
Portrait of Wayne Buente University of Hawaii, Communication/Journalism department Wayne Buente COM Social Media, Information Inequality, Democracy
headshot photo of Tung Bui Tung Bui ITM Computer-supported Group Decision
Portrait of Patricia Buskirk, University of Hawaii, Communication/Journalism department Patricia Amaral Buskirk COM Emergent Media, Indigenous Storytelling, Creative Communication
headshot photo of Henri Casanova Henri Casanova ICS Parallel and Distributed Computing, Grid Computing
headshot photo of Hong-Mei Chen Hong-Mei Chen ITM Service Engineering and Business-IT Alignment
headshot photo of Martha Crosby Martha Crosby ICS Human-Computer Interaction, Human Factors, Cognitive Science
headshot photo of Elizabeth J. Davidson Elizabeth J. Davidson ITM Health Informatics, Information Technology Management,
Organizational Theory
headshot photo of Jessica Gasiorek Jessica Gasiorek COMG Understanding, Social Identity, Message Processing, Communication and again, Communication Accommodation
headshot photo of Rich Gazan Rich Gazan ICS/LIS User Modeling, Natural Language Processing, AI for Computer Games
headshot photo of Julien Gorbach Julien Gorbach JOUR History of American Media, Middle East, Literary Journalism
headshot photo of Amy Hubbard Amy Hubbard COMG Nonverbal Communication, Conflict & Relational Management, Deception
headshot photo of Philip Johnson Philip Johnson ICS Climate Change, Software Engineering, Serious Games
headshot photo of Prasanna Karhade Prasanna Karhade ITM Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Digital Platforms and GREAT Economies, Governance and Family Business
headshot photo of Rick Kazman Rick Kazman ITM Software Architecture, Human-Computer Interaction
headshot photo of Ji Young Kim Ji Young Kim COM Strategic Communication Management, Public Relations, Agenda-Building Theory
headshot photo of Min-Sun Kim Min-Sun Kim COMG Intercultural Communication, Artificial Intelligence & Communication, Persuasion & Social Influence
headshot photo of Hanae Kramer Hanae Kramer COM Intercultural and Global Communication, Literature, Media Campaigns
headshot photo of Hye-ryeon Lee Hye-ryeon Lee COMG Health Communication, Campaigns, Persuasion & Social Influence
headshot photo of Jason Leigh Jason Leigh ICS Big Data Visualization, Virtual Reality, High Performance Networking
headshot photo of Depeng Li Depeng Li ICS Security and Privacy, Internet of Things, Applied Crytography
headshot photo of Randy Minas Randy Minas ITM Cognitive Biases, Collaboration, Decision-making
headshot photo of Colin Moore Colin Moore COM American Political Development, Health Policy
headshot photo of Rachel Neo Rachel Neo COM Political Communication, Social Media, Persuasion
headshot photo of Michael-Brian Ogawa Michael-Brian Ogawa ICS Information, Computer Education, Cyber and Physical Security
headshot photo of Brett Oppegaard Brett Oppegaard JOUR Ubiquitous Computing, Mobile Media, Locative Media
headshot photo of Dusko Pavlovic Dusko Pavlovic ICS Cyber Security, Information Assurance, Quantum Information Theory
headshot photo of Anthony Peruma Anthony Peruma ICS Program comprehension, Software refactoring, Software maintenance & evolution
headshot photo of Guylaine Poisson Guylaine Poisson ICS Bioinformatics, Computational Biology
headshot photo of Daniel Port Daniel Port ITM Information Technology Engineering
headshot photo of Scott Robertson Scott Robertson ICS Human-Computer Interaction,
Social Media and Civic Engagement, Digital Government
headshot photo of Peter-Michael Seidel Peter-Michael Seidel ICS Formal Methods, Computer Arithmetic, Digital Hardware Design
headshot photo of Nodari Sitchinava Nodari Sitchinava ICS Design and Analysis of Algorithms
headshot photo of Susanne Still Susanne Still ICS Machine Learning, Interactive Learning, Predictive Models of Time Series Data
headshot photo of Daniel Suthers Daniel Suthers ICS Technology Enhanced Learning, Human-Computer Interaction, Social Informatics
headshot photo of Emiko Taniguchi Emiko Taniguchi COMG Interpersonal Health Communication, Family Communication, Cross-Cultural Communication
headshot photo of Peter Washington Peter Washington ICS Digital Health, Precision Health, Data Science, Machine Learning, Human-Centered Computing, Biomedical Informatics
headshot photo of Andrew Wertheimer Andrew Wertheimer LIS Information Science, History of Libraries & Archives, Collection Management
headshot photo of Jenifer Sunrise Winter Jenifer Sunrise Winter COM Big Data Governance (Privacy, Security), Artificial Intelligence Ethics, Information Policy
headshot photo of Bo Xiao Bo Xiao ITM Human-Computer Interaction, Dark Side of Digitization, Health Information Systems