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Field Trips

Preparations for your OPIHI field trips should begin in early January so you will have enough time to schedule buses on the dates and times you prefer during the spring field trip season.

Field Trip Planning FAQs
Sites Surveyed by OPIHI through Spring 2007

Once you have chosen the site of your field trip(s), made a preliminary site visit to get acquainted with the area, and scheduled your buses, you can begin preparations for the trip with your students

Tips for a Safe and Effective Field Trip
What to Bring on Field Trip
Conservation and Collection Information
Intertidal Animals in the Classroom
Interesting Things About Intertidal Organisms

The following protocol was designed to collect and condense all of the information strewn throughout the classroom preparation aspect of the OPIHI project into an easily manageable document to refresh and remind you of the field trip procedures.

OPIHI Sampling Protocol for Educators
OPIHI Equipment in the Field

You will need to print out data sheets for each transect group on waterproof paper for your students before the field trip.

Field Data Sheets and Customization
Field Sampling - Transects and Conditions
Species Lists for OPIHI - Field Sheets

Cobble Areas:

Sometimes the quantitative part of the OPIHI field trip goes faster than you anticipate (e.g. low biodiversity at the site) and to much time gets devoted to the "biodiversity search" at the end of the trip and gradually students lose interest in finding organisms. Sometimes trips are scheduled at imperfect tide times and things get too deep too fast, or buses are late. These are some activities you and your students can do on a field trip that extend their learning in the intertidal. These activities can be a part of a regular OPIHI field trip too.

Field Trip Activity Packet

Picture Gallery:

Diamond Head Lighthouse Beach April 19th 2007 University Lab School 9th Grade

Waipuilani Beach April 20th 2007 Kalama Intermediate 8th Grade

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