Student Health Advisory Council (SHAC)

The SHAC is an advisory body to the University Health Services that consists of student representatives and UH faculty and administration. The main purpose of SHAC is to ensure that the students are represented in the planning and decision making of their University's health care services.

If you are interested in joining SHAC, please click here to download the Student Health Advisory Council Application Form (PDF) *.

The following are major initiatives addressed by SHAC:

  1. Advisory - To provide input and advice on issues of student health, including review of health policies, identification of services needed, and evaluation of such services.
  2. Advocacy - To serve as an advocacy body for health policy and administrative issues on student health insurance and health fees, health-related academic courses, and general health and wellness throughout the University community.
  3. Educational - Assist with the planning and implementation of outreach health activities and health education programs, such as peer education and health fairs.