UH Student Plan (HMSA)

If you are not a Student Plan member and have a question, need more information or want to apply, call HMSA's Community Sales & Services at (808) 948-5555 or 1-800-620-4672.

If you are currently on the Student Plan and have questions regarding your benefits and claims, call HMSA's Customer Services at (808) 948-6111 or 1-800-776-4672. If you have questions regarding your bill, call HMSA's Membership Services at (808) 948-6140 or 1-800-782-4672.

Hawaii Medical Service Association (HMSA)
818 Keeaumoku Street
Honolulu, Hawaii 96814
Office hours: For office hours, go to hmsa.com

Student Health Insurance

The University of Hawaiʻi encourages students to think about their health insurance needs. Lack of adequate insurance coverage may be financially devastating in the event of a major illness or accident. Medical costs can be a burden even in the case of a minor illness. Consequently, the purchase of medical insurance should not be considered "extra," but rather should be viewed as a cost of daily living, in the same way as housing, food and transportation. Please be aware that medical insurance is considered a legitimate cost of education for purposes of financial aid and should be listed on your financial aid application.

The University of Hawaiʻi has selected HMSA (Hawaii Medical Service Association, Blue Cross-Blue Shield of Hawaii) to provide student health insurance for UH students for the academic year (Fall 2018 - Summer 2019). If you do not already have health insurance coverage, the University has an option for you.

You have a choice of four plan options for the UH Student Plan. All options provide medical and prescription drug coverage along with laboratory, radiology, mental health, family planning, medical evacuation, and overseas travel benefits. However depending on your health insurance needs, you also have the option to purchase dental and Repatriation, Life Insurance, and Accidental Death & Dismemberment benefits.

Go to www.hmsa.com/portal/student for more information and to enroll on the Student Health Plan.

INFORMATION for CURRENT UH STUDENT PLAN MEMBERS (enrolled during Spring 2019):

HMSA will mail your bill for the Summer 2019 insurance premium around April 11. The bill will be mailed to the address that you put on your application form (unless you notified them of any changes after your initial enrollment).

If you still meet the eligibility requirements and would like to continue your Student Health Insurance Plan, simply pay the bill by May 20, 2019.

Payment should be made directly to HMSA and can be made several ways:

    1. MAIL: Mail payment with your bill to HMSA.
    2. ONLINE: Log in to HMSA’s My Account on hmsa.com to pay by credit card or bank account
    3. PHONE: Call 1-800-782-4672 or 1-855-613-9221 to pay using your bank account or credit card
    4. IN PERSON: Bring your bill and pay in person at any HMSA office

IMPORTANT: If you do not receive your bill by May 1, please contact HMSA’s Membership Services Department at (808) 948-6140. If you do not pay by May 20, your Student Plan will be cancelled (last day of coverage May 19, 2019) and you will have to reapply as NEW for the summer session.

Go to www.hmsa.com/portal/student for more information and to enroll on the UH Student Plan.