The University of Hawaii Office of Sustainability (UHOS) was formally established in February 2015 with the electronic signing of the Executive Sustainability Policy by UH President David Lassner.


The Student Sustainability Coalition of Hawaii cultivates connections between campuses at the Annual Hawaii Sustainability in Higher Education Summit.


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The UH sustainability policy outlines 5 overarching areas of sustainability to advance: Operations, Curriculum, Research, Community Engagement, and Cultural Connections.

UH Office of Sustainability functions as a backbone organization, providing support to the campuses to enhance the existing sustainability work under way, and much-needed coordination capacity for campuses to share information and resources with each other so that our institution as a whole can become more agile, more intelligent and highly impactful.

UHOS functions

Download the Office of Sustainability annual report here.

Questions? Contact University of Hawaii System Sustainability Coordinator
Matthew Lynch at mklynch@hawaii.edu.

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