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A kilowatt saved is a kilowatt earned.

At UH Mānoa we live, think, and breathe energy efficiency. It’s part of our operational heritage, and a cornerstone in our vision of a more sustainable built environment.

Net Zero Heroes

Optimizing realists. The folks who work everyday to keep Mānoa running have also been at work making Mānoa a little better. From large to small, from large capital projects to daily actions our Heroes strive to build, run and maintain a sustainable campus. They know the campus best and take effective action making improvements to processes and equipment. By reducing the energy use on campus they have saved the university millions of kilowatt-hours annually. Some improvements come from doing better everyday in small ways for example by simply turning off lights and air conditioning where feasible and by doing big improvements from major upgrades. Redesigning and reworking the systems that provide cool clean air for the campus has resulted in some of the largest efficiency gains on campus. Here are examples of their work.


Saunders Hall kept it’s doors open while work was done to retrofit it’s HVAC system with a new one that saves approximately 1,300,000 kWh/year.

An underground system of pipes cool buildings and conserve approximately 1,200,000 kWh/year of energy.

Campus Center Steps

Students save the planet by conserving energy at Campus Center, approximately 395,788 kWh/year.


Upgrades to Hamilton Library’s HVAC system maintains archives and saves approximately 367,346 kWh/year.


Never too old to save.  Hawaii Hall saves 360,428 kWh/year.

Institute for Astronomy placeholder

Celestial Research conserves 264,984 kWh/year.


Fans cheer as a new more reliable and efficient system results in energy savings of approximately 263,325 kWh/year.


CTAHR building gets an upgrade and saves approximately 208,000 kWh/year.

Warrior Rec Center IMG_6760

Students stay healthy and protect the health of our planet by conserving over 182,826 kWh/yr.

Music Building Placeholder

Things are humming along at the Music Complex as retrofits net efficiency gains of 150,000 kWh/year for the storied facility.

Rooftop solar array on Shidler School of Business

Thinking about changing to LED’s? At 143,954 kWh/year saving energy is saving money for the College of Business.

CAmpus Center Photo Of NewLights

Third times a charm, Students save the planet AGAIN by conserving energy at Campus Center, approximately 116,367 kWh/year.

Marine Science placeholder

The Marine Science Building runs a global operation 24/7 and with retrofits conserves 61,040 kWh/year.


Practice makes perfect, athletics saves approximately 46,399 kWh/year


Improved visibility, safety, and maintenance also saves approximately 31,950 kWh/year.


When the Feds save, we all save at 24,346 kWh/year.

A pilot project replacing old freezers saves approximately 23,981 kWh/year and leads the way for many more.

Dance Building

LEED building saves about 18,810 kWh/yr in efficiency and it generates its own clean energy with solar water and photovoltaic panels.

FROG 1 and 2

Who knew a pair of FROGs could save 16,207 kWh/year?


Savings and energy conservation is international! 13,881 kWh/Year.


St. John gets an upgrade, helps a neighbor and saves 11,994 kWh/Year.

Elevator renovated and efficient

Elevator retrofits help save about 5,997 kWh/year.

Frear Hall Makai-GEarth

Improvements to an already efficient LEED Silver building result in approximately 5,306 kWh/year savings.


The IT Center provides critical services that are always on and achieves significant energy savings estimated at 2,020,526 kWh/year.

Last modified: July 3, 2023
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