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Warrior Recreation Center 2013

Energy Conserved ~182,826 kWh/year

This state-of-the-art recreation center is a two-story facility that includes a strength training area, multi-purpose exercise rooms, an indoor track, basketball and volleyball courts. 

The project received a LEED Gold Certification as well as several engineering awards.  Design features include floor-to-ceiling windows with large canopy overhangs on the southern facade, solar shading devices along the eastern and western facades, and a series of monitors on the roof with north facing clerestory windows to maximize use of natural daylighting while minimizing heat gain.

In addition to efficiency improvements, the WRC has photovoltaic panels that generate approximately 48,180 kWh each year of clean renewable energy.

Specific Building efficiency features include:

  1. Solar Thermal Hot Water System for locker room showers
  2. Expansive use of natural daylighting
  3. Exterior light shelves to reduce solar heat gain while reducing glare
  4. An LED lighting system with occupancy and daylight controls
  5. High efficiency split HVAC for supplemental cooling
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